143 SPEC Kit 358: Accessibility and Universal Design UNIVERSITY OF WATERLOO Coordinator, Library Accessibility Services & AODA Advisor http://www.hr.uwaterloo.ca/.jd/00004232.html 3. As the provider of support for persons with disabilities in the Library, the incumbent: Oversees or processes and troubleshoots alternate format requests for all library materials Maintaining and updating processes with other library departments, AccessAbility Services and the Accessible Content E-Portal to ensure privacy of students and copyright respected Oversees or processes and troubleshoots alternate format requests for textbooks Establishing relationships and processes with AccessAbility services, publishers and Alternative Education Resources for Ontario to ensure student privacy, copyright and publisher requirements are metProvides orientation to the use of the Adaptive Technology Centre (ATC) Trains students in use of the hardware and software available in the ATC as required Provides one-on-one and small group information service support and accessibility targeted instruction related to information seeking Develops, maintain and update online guides for students Serves as liaison for AccessAbility Services students when they come to the library Serves as liaison to AccessAbility Services Consults AccessAbility advisors about student issues and concerns Collaborates on orientation activities Attends staff meetings Keeps abreast of with disabilities issues, trends in service provision Exchanges information on adaptive equipment Communicates and collaborates regularly with Educational Technologist in Accessibility Services related to access enhancing technologies and student support Participates in Accessibility outreach activities such as Open Doors transition sessions Consults and is consulted regularly by Library Instruction Committee and Outreach Committee to support the accessibility of their endeavours Develops and maintains communication channels with all training committees and ‘accessibility champions’ in the Library. 4. As the AODA advisor in the Library, the incumbent advises all Library departments, committees, and groups on AODA standards and supports the standards being met and/or exceeded. Develops and maintains in-depth working knowledge of AODA legislative standards and changes to those standards, best practices and emerging issues Communicates legislative updates, changes in practice and emerging issues to Library managers and staff Provides leadership and advice on inclusive design for space for renovations Uses their AODA knowledge and the adaptive technologies in the Centre to provide assessment of or guidelines for assessment of accessibility of research resources. Trains others as necessary. Serves as advisor to all Library departments to ensure accessibility is considered in the planning and implementation of new and existing services, changes to virtual/web environments in the and procurement of new equipment and resources Develops, or participates in the development, and leads the implementation of user needs assessments when related to persons with disabilities. Aids in creating recommendations reports and ensures communication of findings. This is done in collaboration with others in the library with expertise in user needs assessment.
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