35 SPEC Kit 358: Accessibility and Universal Design Additional Comment N=1 Note that Central ADA/disabilities staff handle needs in the ATLab only. Library staff handle maintenance in the libraries only (which excludes the ATLab). ACCESSIBILITY OF LIBRARY’S ONLINE PRESENCE 23. Please indicate who is responsible for the accessibility of your library’s online presence. Check all that apply. N=66 Staff Category Website Social media Online classes Research guides N Library staff 62 55 29 64 66 Central IT staff 18 4 17 2 29 Institution-wide disability services staff 4 1 5 1 8 Other staff category 2 2 6 1 9 Total number of respondents 66 58 46 65 66 Please identify the other staff who have responsibility for maintaining the accessibility of your library’s online presence. N=9 Website N=2 External vendors Staff in the university’s communications department are responsible for developing the web templates and ensuring they adhere to web accessibility standards. Social Media N=2 Central campus communications The people who run the social media sites are responsible for checking the accessibility of those sites. Online Courses N=4 Center for Teaching Excellence staff Liaisons [also research guides] Office of Distance Learning Technical Support Specialist for Operations insures that recordings of events and programs posted online are accessible. Additional Comments N=4 E-resources are being evaluated for accessibility as licenses are renewed by campus Information Communication Technology group. Libraries Web Editor We coordinate with the central IT Accessibility office for manual accessibility testing. Web Services: Discovery Services Team
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