23 SPEC Kit 358: Accessibility and Universal Design Only available on loanable laptops. Unrelated to word prediction and completion, we also Duxbury (for our Brailler). We have additional software, Read & Write, installed on two iMacs whose desks are height adjustable. WordQ word prediction software SPECIALIZED HARDWARE AND OTHER EQUIPMENT 10. What specialized hardware is available on or for use with any of the workstations that have assistive technology? Check all that apply. N=61 Scanners (with OCR) 53 87% Speakers 40 66% Microphones 40 66% Augmented keyboard (e.g., one-handed, large keys, small keys, etc.) 26 43% Noise reduction headphones 24 39% Motor trackball mouse 16 26% eReader devices and tablets 11 18% Braille terminal display 6 10% Joystick 3 5% Automatic page turners 1 2% Wands and sticks 0 0% Vocal labels for keyboard 0 0% Light signals for computer sounds 0 0% Other hardware 22 36% Please specify the other hardware that is available for users with disabilities. N=21 1 scanner 5 Topaz Desktop magnifiers 2 Sapphire Portable video magnifiers Bierley handheld electronic magnifier Bone conduction headphones Braille printer available at service desk Clearview Print Magnification device. Adaptive workstations meet required height and reach requirements ensuring unobstructed access to equipment, controls, peripherals, and ports for those in wheelchair. Adaptive workstations have large 23-inch monitors. Desktop Video magnifies or CCTV Foot mouse Foot pedal mouse Headphones Livescribe 3 scanning pens USB headset Moveable arms on monitors, adjustable desks. Most of the hardware is based on requests.
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