27 SPEC Kit 358: Accessibility and Universal Design 14. How does your library publicize or make accessibility services known to potential users? Check all that apply. N=65 Library website 61 94% Through campus office that supports people with disabilities 60 92% Referrals 38 59% Signs in the library 34 52% Through library instruction or orientation sessions 24 37% Brochures or flyers 15 23% Social media 4 6% Through governmental office that supports people with disabilities 0 0% Other method(s), please briefly describe. 9 14% Please briefly describe the other method(s) the library uses to publicize theses services to potential users. N=9 Campus Accessibility Outreach Fair Veterans’ Student Success Center Open House In person introductions on campus Library workshops Map Since hiring an accessibility librarian, various disability-related campus organizations have shared awareness of, or attention to access issues. Through a campus-wide fair sponsored by Information Technologies. Through a library newsletter. Through the Campus Accessibility and Disability website. Word of mouth COORDINATING SERVICES 15. Who in the organization has responsibility for coordinating support for persons with disabilities? Check all that apply. N=64 An ADA officer or disabilities coordinator in a central disabilities unit or office on campus/ in the parent organization 49 77% An ADA or disabilities coordinator or other designated person in the library 30 47% Other position 22 34% Please identify the other position that has responsibility for coordinating support for persons with disabilities. N=22 Two offices within the broader institution, Student Disability Services (registered student support) and Office of Equity and Diversity (staff and physical building access) A staff member in the library serves as liaison to our central disabilities unit. Accessibility Advisory Committee: each member is the accessibility liaison in their own branch or department.
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