39 SPEC Kit 358: Accessibility and Universal Design I think we’re heading in the direction of trying to develop accessibility expectations into our collection development policies and procedures. However, we have to balance accessibility concerns with ensuring that the disciplines we support have the scholarly resources they need to be competitive in their respective fields. Institution has new procurement rules regarding accessibility of purchases. The libraries acquisitions fall outside of that workflow. No official policy, but we include accessibility language in licenses when possible. Staff not currently trained. The Libraries Accessibility Working Group recommended integrating a statement on accessibility into the collection development policy. This is a developing area for us. We participate in the Big Ten Academic Alliance’s initiative to develop standard license language regarding accessibility for database purchases and renewals. We are currently developing a process for integrating accessibility procedures into our acquisitions process. We are currently discussing a project to review and revise all collection development policies and procedures so this may be addressed as part of that. We are in the midst of adding a statement but it is not yet in place. We are just starting to incorporate accessibility requirements into our collection development policies and procedures. Has been done sporadically in the past. We do not have a formal collection development policy. We don’t actually refer to it in our collection development statement. The statement is general in scope and doesn’t allow for a lot of detail. We have not integrated accessibility procedures into our collection development policy. That information is provided under accessibility services. 26. Which, if any, of the following criteria does your library use for web accessibility testing? Check all that apply. N=57 Level AA Conformance to WCAG 2.0 38 67% Section 508 Compliance 34 60% Institution standards 30 53% Level A Conformance to WCAG 2.0 21 37% Level AAA Conformance to WCAG 2.0 7 12% Other criteria 14 25% Please briefly describe the other criteria. N=14 Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) http://accessibility.arl.org/standards-best-practices/#technical-standards Level AAA are tested and corrected but are not top priority. Most probably WCAG also, I just don’t know which level. Our web content and User Experience designers check the ADA-related criteria based on institutional web. Proper alt text in html code making sure color alone is not used to convey info color contrast
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