20 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses SPECIALIZED SOFTWARE 9. What specialized software is available on any of the workstations that have assistive technology? Check all that apply. N=65 Text Magnification N=64 Adobe Acrobat (full version) 47 73% Zoom Text (magnifier and reader) 46 72% Magnifier (Microsoft Accessibility Accessories) 39 61% MAGic 12 19% Magnifying Glass Pro 2 3% Other software 18 28% Please specify the other text magnification software. N=17 All Windows OS have a built-in magnifier. Apple Zoom Apple’s OS 10.12 offers Zoom (not referred to as “Zoom Text,” but possibly the same as what is meant above?) for magnification. The public computing areas we support are largely iMacs running on OS 10.12 with some Windows 10 stations. We also have iMacs running on 10.13 in our MediaLab. Both Apple and Windows have extensive assistive technology available by the operating system. Braille embosser and Braille translator ClaroPDFProo Dragon Naturally Speaking JAWS, Dragon Naturally Speaking, FS Reader JAWS, Kurzweil 3000, Read and Write Gold, Dragon Naturally Speaking, and Inspiration Kurzweil 1000 Kurzweil 3000 JAWS Mac OS Accessibility Ease of Access Center (Windows) Macintosh accessibility accessories Optalec Clear View 500 CCTV (video magnifier) Read & Write Gold v11 Topaz CCTV, Hi-Def Desktop Zoom (Apple) Zoom Text, magnifier only magnification options in Mac OSX Screen Readers N=60 JAWS 50 83% Narrator (Microsoft Accessibility Accessories) 25 42% ZoomText with speech 23 38% Voice Over 16 27%
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