12 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses Written procedures (step-by-step)/desk manuals. Reconfigured staff entrance and doors to staff areas to be wheelchair accessible and automated door openers. 4. Please briefly describe any accommodations you have provided during the course of recruiting and/or interviewing potential library staff (i.e., TTY, providing interview questions in advance, etc.) N=33 Accommodation of dietary restrictions, providing the ability to sit during a presentation, provided frequent breaks in interview schedules. Accommodations are offered but have not been requested to be provided. Cannot speak to specific interviews, but if any requests are made, we accommodate. Conducted a Skype interview on account of a temporary disability Customized for individual candidates based on their limitation, e.g., back injury. For interviewing accommodations, we provide questions in advance, as well as off-site and remote interviewing options with assistance from campus HR. In recent history, to our knowledge, applicants have not requested specific accommodations during the recruitment efforts of vacant library positions. However, all applicants that proceed with an interview (Skype, in-person, or other) are informed of the interview process through the best means of communication they indicate in the application, allowing the applicant adequate time to request an accommodation. Interview questions that were provided to candidates in print were brailled for one candidate with a visual impairment. There may have been other accommodations provided to position interviewees that I’m not aware of. Interviews always held in an accessible room. Only received one request in the past three years for an interviewee to use a computer to complete part of a written test during an interview. None have been requested within recent memory. None that have been noted. Notifying the public about the availability of accommodations during interview process. Providing candidates with interview questions during the interview. Provided sign language interpreter for interview. Providing interview questions in advance. Providing interview questions in advance. We have a statement in the job description about notifying us if an applicant needs an accommodation. Sign language interpreter (two responses) Sign language interpreter for hearing impaired faculty This is not within my purview. If requests for accommodations during recruitment have been requested, they would be provided by the library’s HR department. Transportation around campus, between buildings Transportation services TTY We are happy to make any accommodations necessary. For example, we had a candidate with mobility issues so we made adjustments to the schedule and in transportation arrangements.
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