8 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses Universal Design for Learning “is a set of principles for curriculum development that give all individuals equal opportunities to learn.” (National Center on Universal Design for Learning) Note: In this survey, we have decided to use person-first language (such as “a person with disabilities”) rather than identity-first language (such as “a disabled person”) to be consistent with the language used in the ARL Web Accessibility Toolkit as well as SPEC Kit 321: Services for Users with Disabilities. However, we would like to acknowledge that there is an important difference and no consensus within disability communities about which terminology is appropriate or preferred. STAFF ASSISTANCE WITH SERVICES 1. Please indicate which of the following services your library staff provides assistance with for users with disabilities. Check all that apply. N=67 Retrieve books and other library materials from the stacks 64 96% Search catalog and online resources 61 91% Access to facilities (i.e., stacks, study rooms, restrooms, etc.) 60 90% Copy/scan/print library materials 58 87% Operate library equipment (microform machines, 3D printers, etc.) 55 82% Demonstrate the use of assistive technology 38 57% Set up personal equipment for use in the library 22 33% Other service(s) 26 39% Please briefly describe any other service(s) your library provides assistance with for users with disabilities. N=26 Assistance with planning a visit, help ordering large print and specialized formats via interlibrary loan, events accommodations Captioning library tutorial videos, optimizing the website as it is being created. Convert print to electronic via ACE (OCUL service): http://guides.scholarsportal.info/aceportal caption videos that are shown in class Create alternate format course materials (e.g., textbooks, not library materials) Deliver materials to our SDRC. Events accommodations. Note regarding search catalog and online resources: HathiTrust access and downloads Extended renewals. Help accessing accessible materials in HathiTrust. For the services above, we would provide such assistance to anyone, so they are not marketed directly as services for those with a disability. Generalized IT support, specifically, persistent wifi configuration I am not sure of the frequency these things happen, but I do understand that the employees will provide as much customer service as possible. Issuing access “tokens” for provincial shared repository of alternate format texts. Obtaining alternate format materials. Our service points can provide some of these services on an ad hoc basis, but we have not designed those service points to provide them consistently during peak periods.
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