13 SPEC Kit 358: Accessibility and Universal Design We have conducted virtual as opposed to in-person interview. Other accommodations haven’t been requested but we would certainly be willing to make accommodations as needed. We have never had requests for accommodations. We have not done these. We have twice paid for the services of interpreters for faculty candidates who were deaf or hearing impaired. We hire two interpreters who trade off interpreting for the all-day interview. We haven’t encountered an applicant or candidate that requested special accommodation other than virtual interview. We largely rely on self-disclosure. We provide the prompt in advance to candidates, both verbally and in writing. We don’t typically provide interview questions in advance. We routinely ask if accommodations are needed but have none have been requested other than dietary restrictions. We’re not aware of fulfilling any accommodations during a recruiting process, though we would be happy to do so! Which raises the question of how we communicate our willingness to do this, so thank you for making us consider this! We have not had the opportunity to recruit candidates in this category recently but we would be able to provide TTY or other assisted technology or methods if needed. LIBRARY FACILITIES 5. Please indicate which of the following workstation accommodations your library provides for users with disabilities. Check all that apply. N=66 Accessible/height-adjustable workstation(s) 58 88% Assistive technology on general purpose public workstation(s) (i.e., workstation(s) are multi-purpose) 44 67% Assistive technology on workstation(s) in a multi-person quiet room or other separate workspace 31 47% Dedicated assistive technology workstation(s) in public areas 29 44% Accessible/height-adjustable scanners 28 42% Assistive technology on workstation(s) in a one-person quiet room or other separate workspace 22 33% Assistive technology on workstation(s) in special study carrels 10 15% Workstation with non-fluorescent lighting 8 12% Other workstation accommodation(s) 23 35% Please briefly describe the other workstation accommodation(s). N=23 Adaptive equipment lab with total of 20 computers with assistive software, quiet study room with 15 study carrels, five bookable individual rooms All university supported personal computer loads have Read & Write Gold and Zoom Text. It should be noted that the above are primarily a part of the Accessibility Lab, which is in the library but not of the library. It is maintained by the university’s Accessibility Center.
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