Footnotes to the ARL Annual Salary Survey, 2010–2011 · 113 MIAMI Libraries included: Main, Music, Architecture, Marine, Business. MICHIGAN Libraries included: Area Programs Art, Architecture, and Engineering Asia Askwith Media Biological Station Buhr Remote Shelving Fine Arts Foster Government Documents Hatcher Graduate Map Museums Music Papyrology Shapiro Science Shapiro Undergraduate Special Collections. Libraries not included: Bentley Historical Clements Gerald R. Ford Presidential Kresge Business Administration Law Mardigian (Dearborn) Michigan Union Thompson (Flint) University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute Weill Hall. Figures are as of September 1, 2010. (Law Library) Beginning salary with MLS only is $49,000. With MLS and JD it is $62,000. (Law Library) MICHIGAN STATE Libraries included: Main and 5 branch libraries: Veterinary Medicine, Math, Engineering, Business &Gull Lake/Kellogg Biological Station. MISSOURI Libraries included: Main, Engineering Library, Vet Medicine Library and University Archives. MIT Libraries included: Barker Engineering Library, Science Library, Dewey Library for Management and Social Science, Rotch Library for Architecture and Planning, Humanities Library, Lewis Music Library, Institute Archives and Special Collections, library departments and administration. There are eight levels in MIT’s rank structure. MONTREAL Libraries included: Environmental Development (, Botany (, Chemistry (www., Educational Resources (, Education-Communication-Psychology-Psychoeducation- Biology (, Geography (, Kinesiology (, Humanities and Social Sciences (, Rare books and Special Collections (, Mathematics and Computer Sciences (, Veterinary (, Music (, Optometry (www.bib., Physics (, École polytechnique Library (, HEC Montreal Library (www.hec. ca). NATIONAL LIBRARY OF MEDICINE Data reported by the Federal fiscal year, which runs October 1 to September 30 of each calendar year. NEBRASKA Libraries included: Geology Library, Math Library, Architecture Library, Music Library, Engineering Library. NEW MEXICO Libraries included: Centennial Science &Engineering Library, Fine Arts &Design Library, Parish Memorial Library, Zimmerman Library. Libraries not included: Gallup Branch Campus Library, Los Alamos Branch Campus Library, Taos Branch Campus, Library, Valencia Branch Campus Library.
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