Footnotes to the ARL Annual Salary Survey, 2010–2011 · 111
Individual rank data have been included only for professional librarians. Rank structure as follows: Library Director assigned rank = 0;
Assistant Librarian assigned rank = 1; Associate Librarian assigned rank = 2; Librarian assigned rank = 3; Non-librarian professionals
assigned rank = 9.
Seven (7) Non-librarian professional positions are now co-funded by the Library budget (0.52 FTE).
Libraries included: All libraries.
Salary rank structure includes ten levels.
There are four levels in the Main library’s rank structure: rank II to rank V. Rank I only applies to Instructional Faculty not Bibliographic
There are four levels in the Law and Health Science library’s rank structure: rank II–rank V.
The following are included: M.D. Anderson Library, Architecture and Art Library, Music Library, Weston A. Pettey Optometry Library.
The University of Houston Pharmacy Library was closed last year. The collection was incorporated into the MD Anderson Library
Libraries included: Founders Library, Undergraduate Library; the Architecture, Business, Divinity, and Social Work (branch) Libraries.
Libraries not included: The Moorland Spingarn Research Center.
The library director is an interim director. Professional positions include Associate Librarian, Librarian, Assistant/Associate Director,
and Director. In addition, there are several special function positions held by persons with advanced degrees other than the MLS or MLIS.
Libraries included: Main campus library and Science Library.
Not included are the libraries of the Health Sciences in Chicago, Peoria, Rockford, Urbana.
There are eight levels in the University of Illinois, Chicago’s rank system for professional librarians: 8 Professor, 7 - Associate Professor,
6 - Assistant Professor, 5 - Clinical Professor, 4 - Clinical Associate Professor, 3 - Clinical Assistant Professor, 2 Instructor, 1 - Academic
Professional, 0 - University Librarian (not included in levels according to ARL instructions).
Libraries included: All main campus libraries.
Libraries included: Main campus libraries.
Libraries not included: Dentistry Library; IUPUI University Library; Herron School of Art Library; Columbus Library; and Science and
Engineering Library; and other campuses libraries at IU-East, IU-Kokomo, IU-Northwest, IU-Southeast, IU-South Bend, and IPFW-Fort
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