63 SPEC Kit 355: Campus-wide Entrepreneurship
26. Has your library assessed the impact or success of the services that support entrepreneurship?
Yes 6 11%
No yet, but we plan to 17 30%
No 33 59%
If yes or you plan to, what measures are (will be) used to assess these services? N=17
Answered Yes N=6
Solicit feedback after instruction sessions.
The sessions that are conducted for the Small Business Development Center are assessed through the
SBDC. The Law Library, after they have completed further outreach, will assess attendance and impact
of our sessions.
We capture statistics on consultations, outreach, database usage, and instruction for library internal
use, but entrepreneurship as a focus isn’t formally tracked except by the business librarian. The library
also tracks database usage statistics and cost-per-use. Business librarian tracks which master’s level
cohorts use the consultation and drop-in services most. No reporting out to the business or engineering
schools has happened nor has it been requested, except on an informal, anecdotal basis to determine
on-site drop-in hours.
We have done this in a very limited way by keeping track of business plan finalists to see which teams
have consulted with us.
We have surveyed faculty and students who have used the CID space in our library to determine what
they liked about the space, what could be improved, etc. in the same way we assess all of our services.
Yes, we’ve assessed instruction through one-minute surveys in some of the classes and feedback from
some of the faculty
Answered Not yet, but we plan to N=11
At this point, probably just a conversation between liaison librarians currently providing support to the
entrepreneurship centers affiliated with specific colleges to gauge evolving needs.
Not sure. Likely will include standard metrics, as well as impact statements from startups. Our regional
innovation centre does a great job of measuring value of services provided to startups but their model is
different than ours. Will consult with them, as well as with library and campus stakeholders, to figure
it out.
TBD. Currently we have anecdotal feedback on what works. More quantitative data will be tricky to
obtain in a meaningful way due to the distributed nature of entrepreneurship here.
The Entrepreneurial Outreach Librarian is working to help guide, develop, and understand the
university’s assessment needs and plans, as well as how the new Jim Moran School of Entrepreneurship
will fit into these plans. University Libraries want to demonstrate value to both the school and
university while also helping both meet their assessment goals they are just now beginning to design.
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