44 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Darden ILab; Rolls Royce Rapid Prototype Lab; Mechatronic Lab & The Mill; Mech machine Shop;
Ann Warrick Lacy Center; Reactor Shop/OMERF; Rice Hall 120; Drama Scene & Props Shop; Studio
Art Sculpture Shop; A School Fab; BME Fabrication Space; Wilson Media & Maker Studio. Various
locations have woodworking, casting, metalworking, 3D printing, CNC cutting, drones/robotics,
recording, computer & software, material & data archive, electronics, 3D scanning, and virtual
reality resources.
I’m not sure of the details, but some of the commercialization units on campus have purchased
subscriptions to databases for entrepreneurial purposes. Frost and Sullivan and IBISWorld are two that
I know of. The Small Business Development Center has subscriptions to iSell and IBISWorld. In the
past, they subscribed to Reference USA.
In past years, the business technology center has purchased resources. The business counselors meet
with local entrepreneurs and small business owners, as well as student entrepreneurs.
Office of Technology Management and Industry Research subscribes to a market research database
(high tech), I think.
Penn Center for Innovation: patent databases, drug pipeline/tracking databases
Research foundation/tech transfer department
Rollins Center for Entrepreneurship has a number of tools. We also purchase a couple of databases in
collaboration with the business school.
Schools and academic departments
Some colleges, some non-academic units: databases, data, equipment, software
Spartan Innovations is a technology transfer office here at MSU and the researchers there are generally
prohibited from using our resources. As a result, they have purchased their own access to specialized/
niche market research (usually highly technical), as well as sophisticated patent analytics databases.
Specialized databases/data sets acquired by Technology Ventures Office, Carey Business School, Center
for Financial Economics (Economics Department).
StartupHoyas purchased productivity tracking software.
Technology transfer
The business school bears most of the cost for Bloomberg. They didn’t specifically fund it for
entrepreneurship activities, though.
The business school has purchased some databases on their own.
The campus Technology Transfer Office licenses a venture capital database and provides access by
non-TTO users on a case-by-case basis, on-site only. The campus computing office funds and manages
the subscription to an IT and software market research database, and allows campus-wide access to
the database with additional business librarian-mediated access for researchers wanting one-on-one
consults with the vendor’s research analysts, on a case-by-case basis. Researchers are current faculty,
students, and staff (not general public), and they must register for an account with the vendor and be IP
authenticated for access.
The College of Engineering signed an agreement to create a Makerbot Innovation Lab.
The Industry Liaison Office funded the purchase of the InCites database. They are using it to identify
possible matches between industry partners and OSU research teams for initial funding and eventual
commercialization opportunities, and we are working with them to encourage wider campus use for
those and other purposes (research/bibliometric assessment and benchmarking). OSU’s Foundation
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