38 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Fine Arts Library: computers and software, materials & data archive. Robertson Media Lab: Recording,
computers & software; materials & data archive, 3D scanning, drones. Library Data Commons at Curry:
computers & software; material & data archive.
Jack Brause Library (real estate); Dibner Library (engineering); NYU-Abu Dhabi Library
Journalism Library subscribes to two databases (market research).
Main campus library. For the few instances where the business school pays a portion, the library is still
responsible for payment and managing the resources.
Our engineering library offers software and equipment in its IDEA Lab. Our scholarly commons offers
databases, datasets, and software.
Pendergrass Ag Vet Med Library, Music Library: all resources
Science and Engineering Library: reference materials
Separate resources may have been acquired by the Welch Medical Library, the SAIS library, or the
Applied Physics Lab library for their populations. Some of them may be restricted to or licensed
specifically for those populations. Most of the resource categories mentioned could apply.
STEM library has all.
The Research Commons will host data sets that may be used for academic-related entrepreneurship.
Electronic books/databases/journals would be accessible via both the main library and the Research
Commons and online. There is some specialized software (visualization and GIS related) located in the
Research Commons that could be used for entrepreneurial purposes.
The science library has it’s own materials, equipment, data, and software that our community
may access.
UBC Okanagan campus library
We have 44 libraries and resources are spread across various locations, including but not limited to the
medical science library and the engineering and computer science library
If you selected “Other location” above, please briefly describe the location and identify the type of
resource. N=12
Campus libraries (these are in locations other than the main campus): books, DVDs
Career Center Library is located 10 minutes walk from College of Business/Strozier Library to
access databases.
Central data storage
Darden ILab; Rolls Royce Rapid Prototype Lab; Mechatronic Lab & The Mill; Mech machine Shop; Ann
Warrick Lacy Center; Reactor Shop/OMERF; Rice Hall 120; Drama Scene & Props Shop; Studio Art
Sculpture Shop; A School Fab; BME Fabrication Space; Wilson Media & Maker Studio.
LITS (Library & Information Technology Services) has a 3D printer in the student computing center,
which is in a separate building from the main library.
Makerspaces within Main Libraries
Most resources, except software, are accessible from off campus.
Offsite storage facility
Other = online. Most of what we have is not located anywhere. Entrepreneurial work is usually not done
with physical materials.
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