50 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Services are offered to all classes of users, however, it is rare that the library fields business community
questions. Those are more likely handled by the Small Business Development Center.
Startups affiliated with university but without “official” university status can access reference, research
support, instruction, and events (other services) but not access proprietary databases.
We provide reference, research, and instruction to anyone who asks. The level of service may vary
depending on user status.
20. If library instruction is offered, please briefly describe the topics that are covered. N=47
A wide range of business research topics are covered, usually in the “BR101” series run every semester,
but other specific topics are held at various public locations covering resources and databases available
to the general public. These include the public library, DOMI Station, etc. Topics covered include:
company research, industry research, ideation and idea generation, market research, job searching,
entrepreneurship, Wall Street research, patents and intellectual property research, funding and capital
raising, and social entrepreneurship
Basic market research and competitive analysis
Basic overview of categories of entrepreneurial resources (e.g., market sizing, market research, funding
sources); in-class instruction for entrepreneurship classes
Basic techniques for industry, company, and market research
Business plan basics, marketing plans, how to find company and industry information,
opportunity recognition
Business plans, industry research, company research, patent searching, engineering and
science resources
Company research, industry research, patent searching, detailed instruction on
entrepreneurship databases
Company, industry, and market research
Competitive intelligence, market research, international business resources, financial data resources.
When entrepreneurship resources are used with local companies, it’s always in conjunction with a
currently enrolled student, typically as part of classwork or special project. We do not actively support
random entrepreneurship activity in the local community; typically the users are current students,
faculty, and staff or people working with a current student.
Course-related instruction for entrepreneurship courses addresses information resources and search
strategies. LibGuides are created to direct users to resources appropriate to the industry of their
entrepreneurial activities.
Data analytics, research software support, research data management, GIS, digital humanities
General business search strategies, appropriate and ethical use of content (license restrictions)
In development
Industry and market research, company information, business research
Industry statistics, demographics, market research, business plans, product development, and
intellectual property
Instruction is provided in finding and using databases that provide industry, company, market data,
and general information on entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship. We also cover relevant trade
publications for an industry, business plans, financing sources, new startup information, and sources
for current information and news.
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