43 SPEC Kit 355: Campus-wide Entrepreneurship
entrepreneurship projects. We have not had to revise our licenses to provide support for expanded
entrepreneurship activities.
The University Libraries and the professional school libraries follow the legal restrictions required by
our database vendors when access is provided to their content. Some of the content may require some
of the restrictions listed in the previous question. Restrictions may be resource and location dependent.
The libraries have not licensed any electronic resources specifically in support of entrepreneurship
activity taking place within the university. It is possible that other parts of the university have
negotiated licenses for resources in support of their entrepreneurial activities but we do not have
this information.
These resources are licensed for non-commercial use by current faculty, staff, and students only. In
addition to JHED access, one may need to register for a personal account with a valid JHU email
address from a JHU computer in particular cases. CMIE databases related to India (Prowessdx India,
States of India, CapExdx) BCC Research, IBISWorld, and Cortellis are examples of resources that
the providers will allow Technology Ventures staff and JHU affiliates to use for entrepreneurship.
EBL (Electronic Book Library)—e-book provider Gartner (licensed through JH IT, not the library)
Global Financial Data Mintel Passport GMID PrivCo SciFinder SNL Real Estate Particular
installed resources (designated terminals): Bloomberg Datastream Morningstar Direct SDC
Platinum Wharton Research Data Service (and all products that require access through the WRDS
platform). Access excludes the hospitals; JHU staff and part-time faculty should register for a “visitor”
account at WRDS login screen: Center for Research in Security Prices Compustat Deal Scan
Eventus IVY DB OptionMetrics US MSCI (formerly KLD Stats) NYSE Trade and Quote (TAQ).
Resources restricted to course-related or educational use: Bloomberg (JHU offices could acquire
independent contracts) Mintel Passport GMID. Resources providing limited content to academic
clients: MarketResearch.com Academic (more limited set of publishers than MarketResearch.com
offers) Westlaw Next.
We are a public institution so most of are licenses have walk-in use.
We are currently consulting with our Copyright and Licensing Librarian on these issues.
When we negotiate our license agreements we ask to include a clause for walk-in users, so on campus in
the library there is access to many resources for alumni. However, there are many market research and
financial resources that are restricted to current affiliates only both on and off campus.
16. Have any non-library units at your institution purchased or licensed resources to support campus
entrepreneurship activities? N=58
Yes 27 47%
No 3 5%
Don’t know 28 48%
If yes, please identify the unit and briefly describe the type of resource. N=24
Boston University Information Services and Technology pays for Gartner Research, reports that
provide technology-related information.
Central Entrepreneurship Office: startup and private investment database
College of Business has purchased access to Bloomberg terminals, WRDS, SDC Platinum, and
other resources.
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