35 SPEC Kit 355: Campus-wide Entrepreneurship
10. Please indicate which kinds of resources the library has purchased or licensed specifically to
support entrepreneurship activities. Check all that apply. N=55
Books 47 86%
Specialized databases (for market research, patents) 43 78%
Reference material (directories, business plans) 39 71%
Periodicals (trade publications, journals, newspapers) 38 69%
Data and statistics 29 53%
Specialized software (Bloomberg, data visualization, etc.) 26 47%
Specialized equipment (audio/visual, computers, maker hardware, etc.) 19 35%
Other resource 17 31%
Please briefly describe the other resource. N=17
All of the above have been purchased by the library, but not “specifically to support entrepreneurship
activities.” Answers to the questions below are for resources that support entrepreneurship, regardless
of whether they were purchased specifically for that purpose.
Among many others: Audit Analytics, Mergent Intellect, LexisNexis Academic, Mergent Online,
Factiva, Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS), Bloomberg, Privco, IBIS World, MarketLine,
Statista, Mintel Reports, MarketResearch.com
DVDs and streaming video
Market research resources were purchased specifically to support entrepreneurship activities but they
are broadly used by the campus community. Entrepreneurship programs were developed in part based
on the strength of the existing library collections.
Other: Online appointment booking tool for the Business & Economics Librarian.
Our library actually offers many of these resources (specialized databases, periodicals, books, data and
statistics, reference material, specialized software) but none of it was purchased specifically to support
entrepreneurship activities. Rather, it was purchased for use by researchers (faculty and students, for
course-based or other activities), and access has been extended to some co/extra-curricular programs.
Our movie production software, laser cutter, 3D printer could all be used for entrepreneurship
activities, but they are also used for other purposes. The same is true for our databases and collections.
Nothing new has been purchased expressly for the purpose of supporting entrepreneurship.
Our responses in this section refer only to resources acquired specifically to support entrepreneurship.
We are not including the databases, data sets, equipment, software, etc. that were acquired/licensed for
other purposes or groups of users that may also be used for entrepreneurship activities.
The library had purchased several databases for supporting entrepreneurial activities. A small
budget has been established and the Entrepreneurial Outreach Librarian works hard to partner
with departments that can make use of market research tools in addition to the Jim Moran School
of Entrepreneurship. For instance many of the market research databases are useful to the STEM
departments as they make bids for NSF and other governmental grants. The Office of Research, Office
of Commercialization, and Office of Proposal Development make use of the market research databases
and tools for their clients.
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