42 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
The licensing agreements prohibit use for private ventures and specified that they are for academic
use only.
The response is “NO” but some clarification may be helpful. Databases such as Passport
(Euromonitor), Frost & Sullivan, Mintel, PrivCo, and Private Equity via Thomson One come with
restrictions on non-commercial use regardless of user status or affiliation, not specifically because of
entrepreneurial initiatives.
15. What restrictions does the resource(s) impose? Check all that apply. N=35
Access is restricted by IP range 26 74%
Restricted to non-commercial uses 23 66%
Restricted to use in library 18 51%
Access requires a unique login/password 17 49%
Restricted to use on a standalone computer terminal 12 34%
No off-campus access allowed 10 29%
No downloading of content allowed 8 23%
Restricted to use in non-library location 4 11%
Other restriction 7 20%
Please briefly describe the other restriction. N=7
Items restricted to just the business library.
No additional restrictions or licenses have been negotiated beyond standard disclosure that we are
a public institution and that the public does have access, however is limited to certain computer
terminals and resource restrictions from individual databases.
None of the resources have all of these restrictions; all have at least some of them. Off-campus access
requires a unique login/password. A couple resources are also restricted by IP range. Bloomberg and
Capital IQ are available on stand-alone computers in the library and the business school.
The Mintel database formerly required that users create an account using a university email address
before they could print or download materials. This is no longer the case and non-affiliated patrons can
use the database in the library without the account.
Walk-ins are allowed with a guest password; everyone else is managed by either IP range or
authentication through EZ Proxy.
We anticipate this changing as we create iZone’s strategy and programming.
We have recently implemented an extra step of logging into a SharePoint site that is limited to the
business school community only where they can then access the links to the commercial databases that
are licensed for the business school only.
Please provide any additional details on licensing agreements that are unique to entrepreneurship
resources at your institution. N=6
For each business-related database, regardless of whether it is used for entrepreneurship or not,
we negotiate walk-in access for personal, educational use. The business librarian explains the
ramifications of this restriction for business and entrepreneurship research, and articulates what
constitutes “personal, educational use,” and also works with individual researchers in order to
manage our resource use within license restrictions, including students and others engaging in
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