52 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Topics covered include: market research, industry research, competitor research, target
audience research.
Topics include: how to research companies and industries, how to use specific databases, how to do
market research, Bloomberg Boot Camp, how to find market standards, how to do patent research, and
how to do trademark research.
Topics vary and depend on demand. Primarily market research and/or company/competitor research.
Typically, I go into entrepreneurship classes and show students how to conduct market research,
industry/company research, and how to find financial performance benchmarks for a particular
industry using library and government resources.
Using business sources, using data sources
We offer in-class instruction (collaborating with faculty). We also have a credit-bearing “business
essentials” course series for undergraduates that explores different research topics and products, such
as data visualization using maps, marketing research, news/article research. We often tie in examples
of how the research might be used in the context of entrepreneurship.
We offer one-on-one instruction in use of specific business resources, especially for innovation.
21. Has the library received any new funds to provide support for entrepreneurship activities? Please
make one selection per row. N=57
Funds for Yes No N
Staff salary/benefits 5 52 57
Staff training 2 54 56
Library resources 8 48 56
Equipment 6 49 55
Total responses 12 55 57
If yes, please identify the category and the source of the new funds for it (e.g., university
administration, gift, corporate donor, etc.). N=12
Alumni donors, corporate donors (for makerspace, not specifically for entrepreneurship)
Don’t know source of funding for staff salary/benefits.
In addition to additional funding for electronic resources through the library’s budget, the library
has received some funding from the Technology Ventures office or departments toward shared
subscriptions for BCC Research and Bloomberg. It hopes to partner with Technology Ventures on a
shared funding arrangement for Cortellis in the future.
Library funding
Private funds for Makerspace
Several years ago the university started a program called Mizzou Advantage. We were able to access
money from that to purchase access to Frost & Sullivan (market research).
Staff salary/benefits: university administration; library resources: collection endowments designated
for entrepreneurship
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