32 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Discovery to Product (Business & Entrepreneurship and Accelerator program); WARF (technology
transfer, public talks, and some funds for technology development); Small Business Development
Center (consulting for area start ups and companies); College of Engineering (transcend student
organizations that host innovation contests, some curriculum in biomedical engineering on technology
development for entrepreneurial settings); UW Arts Institute (sponsors a student organization and a
contest for artists); College of Letters and Science (hosts the Computer Science department’s NEST
contest); The University INSITE cluster (faculty in the College of Ag and Life Sciences, Law, and
Business developing courses, supporting other activities mentioned above); The university’s Office
of Corporate Relations (hosts an annual entrepreneurial lifetime achievement award reception,
directs queries across campus ); Burill Competition; WEB Bootcamp; Discovery to Product Upstart
Program (women and minorities); UW-Extension Ideadvance Seed Fund; Wisconsin SBIR - Center for
Technology Commercialization. Law Library supports the Law and Entrepreneurship Clinic.
Data/GIS Librarians, Business Librarians, stats analysts, etc.
Digital Media Lab staff provide support like 3D printing for engineering entrepreneurship activities,
and its prototyping and lynda.com licenses that are popular with entrepreneurship students from
across campus. Various subject specialists provide ad hoc support for entrepreneurship activities
and consult with the business librarian about it. The engineering librarian provides workshops on
patent searching co-advertised to the business school. The business school is considering having the
data librarian provide a one-shot seminar in the MBA professional development lecture series during
upcoming academic year. The data librarian provides data manipulation workshops that are co-
advertised at the business school. The pharmacology librarian advertises the business librarian’s drop-
in consultations to the pharma commercialization capstone class. Business librarian has provided one-
shot instruction on entrepreneurship and career resources to an engineering student club and campus
career center events.
Duke Libraries’ Librarian for Engineering, Librarian for Markets and Management Studies, librarians
in the Data & Visualizations department and staff in Digital Scholarship Services; Ford Library’s
Associate Director & Manager of Public Services and Associate Director & Manager of IT Services; and,
upon request, librarians in the Goodson Law Library and Medical Center Library.
Liaison librarian for accounting, finance, and economics; Associate University Librarian, Information
Resources and Academic Excellence. Our liaison librarians share a job description. For our liaison
librarians who also have taken on specializations such as entrepreneurship, we articulate the
scope of the specialization but do not put it in the job description. Below is the description for the
entrepreneurship specialization. Entrepreneurship specialization: The entrepreneurship specialization
supports a diverse community of stakeholders across campus, including BET, St. Paul’s Greenhouse, the
many variations of Velocity, student entrepreneurship organizations, etc. Primary responsibilities of
this specialization involve promoting the library’s support for entrepreneurship to these communities
and one-on-one consultations. This position works closely with the librarian for accounting, finance,
and economics. Additional skills/assets and areas of growth associated with this specialization
have been identified as knowledge of engineering /STEM terminology/resources; an understanding
of standards and patents and the role they play in both research and industry; awareness of the
engineering design process; knowledge of subscription business databases; knowledge of key news
resources, both current and historical.
Liaison librarians and other librarians as the need arises. Makerspace program staff, including the
Emerging Technology Services Librarian, provide rapid prototyping services and teaching and learning
opportunities around prototyping tools and methods.
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