49 SPEC Kit 355: Campus-wide Entrepreneurship
Reference, research, and consulting occur during on-site drop-in hours at two campus locations: the
business school and the economics department (in addition to by appointment in-library). These drop-
in sessions run weekly during fall, winter, and spring quarters. Entrepreneurship instruction happens
primarily at the business school.
Small Business Development Center: office hours and instruction
Some academic units, some non-academic units: instruction, consulting [free]
Teaching spaces on main campus, Velocity Start space, St Paul’s College (affiliated institution)
The business librarian has attended entrepreneurial workshops off-campus in the local community.
The business librarian has taught business research strategies to the Industry Liaisons Office and the
Technology Commercialization Center.
Undergraduate and MBA classrooms
We will go to where our users are as needed.
We’ve participated in the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp on the East Baltimore campus. The classroom
participation activities were not in the library.
19. Who may use these library services? Check all that apply. N=53
User category Reference Research Instruction Consulting Other
Students 53 46 53 22 8 53
Faculty 53 46 50 22 8 53
Staff 53 46 46 22 8 53
Alumni 45 30 20 12 4 45
General public 45 25 18 10 3 45
Members of the business
community, entrepreneurs, etc.
44 26 19 10 3 44
Other user category 5 4 4 2 1 7
Total responses 53 46 53 22 8 53
If you selected “Other user category” above, please briefly describe the user and identify the type
of service. N=9
Alumni, general public, and members of the business community may use the resources in person at the
campus facilities.
Anyone in the community (or outside the local community) may reach out to the business, management,
and entrepreneurship librarian for research guidance, although students, faculty, and staff are higher
priority, as far as allocation of time and services.
Instruction for veterans participating in the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans
Inventors: reference, instruction, consultation appointment (free). Artists: reference, instruction,
consultation appointment (free)
Our institution is public, so technically anyone can ask the Business Librarian for reference help.
Polsky Exchange members use research and instruction services provided at the incubator.
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