30 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Additional Comments N=7
Answered Not yet, but we plan to N=2
There is discussion to create an entrepreneurship librarian that primarily would support the
Engineering and Business School’s entrepreneurship activities. The specifics of the position and
funding are still being discussed.
This work has been done via the Management Library at the business school.
Answered No N=5
At this time, no such position appears on any hiring plan in the library.
Primary responsibility for entrepreneurship activities falls to the Business and Economics Librarian,
who also serves on the advisory board.
The library does house the student researcher position (described above), which is funded by the
Kentucky Small Business Development Center.
There has been talk about having an entrepreneurship librarian and a business librarian, but with the
current budget, I don’t see that happening.
We do have a proposal for a liaison position to support cross-disciplinary programs and centers for
excellence. Most of these have elements of entrepreneurship in their curricula.
8. Has the library created any other staff position (different from above) specifically to support
entrepreneurship activities? N=57
Yes 4 7%
Not yet, but we plan to 1 2%
No 45 79%
No, and we don’t plan to 7 12%
If yes, please provide the following information about that position. N=4
Position title: Community Manager
Library unit/department: iZone
Reports to: Director, iZone
Percentage of time devoted to
Year position created: 2017 (hiring currently)
Position title: two Engineering/Science Librarian positions
Library unit/department: Engineering and Life Sciences Library
Reports to: Director of Science & Engineering Libraries
Percentage of time devoted to
20% (patent support) in Engineering Library and 5% in Life Science
Year position created: 2016
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