57 SPEC Kit 355: Campus-wide Entrepreneurship
Faculty liaison, class visits, social media channels, book displays on the theme, research guides
General liaison work with the department faculty
In-person or online liaison activities; Code+Art contest encouraged students to create large-scale, data-
driven “generative art” for the twenty-foot wide Art Wall (sponsored by Christie).
Instruction, workshops
Instruction for students, present to members of the Entrepreneurial Centre and incubation lab, online
guide on entrepreneurship resources
Instruction in business/entrepreneurial classes. Specialized support for business plan competitions,
including library contact during the competition orientation, a display of books focused on business
plans, and hosted walk-in hours for competition participants. LibGuides specifically created for
entrepreneurial activities. Support during Entrepreneurial Bootcamp for Veterans (EBV) including
“library tables” each night of the program with librarians available to help with research.
LibGuide for market research resources promoted to librarians in contact with other departments
with entrepreneurial activity. Weekly drop-in office hours at the business school and at the economics
department are advertised on the LibGuides, through emails to students, faculty, and staff of those
departments. Business librarian attends graduate student orientations and campus-wide graduate
students’ networking event. Business librarian periodically reaches out and cultivates contacts in
Technology Transfer Office and vice versa, and provides small group training on demand.
LibGuides and webpages on the library website
LibGuides, social media, Innovation Library, and the Small Business Accelerator program
Maker Hub has a newsletter, a Google group, a Facebook page, and they use fliers.
Materials and services are promoted in meetings, classrooms, and workshops.
Networking by the business librarian with stakeholder staff and faculty involved in
entrepreneurial endeavors.
Nothing specifically for entrepreneurship.
Our marketing plan is in development.
Our outreach in this arena has been limited to workshops held in the Main Library. However, we
also make sure we are listed as a resource on the various university and community websites related
to entrepreneurship.
Page on library website, monthly newsletter to accelerator directors and central entrepreneurship
office administration, posters and digital signage, social media, numerous LibGuides, listserv for library
entrepreneurship workshops and other events/news, librarian community of practice, presence at
events, hosting of events, cross promotion on various newsletters and event calendars
Presentations, instruction
Primarily through informal conversations with faculty or presentations by business librarian at faculty
council meetings.
PTRC Outreach brochure: Patenting an invention and trademarking a product name can be
challenging. PTRC library staff are information experts trained on how to use search tools to access
patent and trademark information. They provide the human touch that no web page or legal book
can provide in helping inventors and small businesses find the information they need to protect their
intellectual property. However, PTRC representatives are not attorneys and cannot provide legal
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