155 SPEC Kit 355: Campus-wide Entrepreneurship
3D Design Studio Manager & Renovations Support Specialist
Works with other Learning Environments service point coordinators to strategize
effective delivery of services within the University Libraries learning spaces.
Contributes progressive, original approaches and ideas for the development and
implementation of the Newman Library learning commons.
Collaborates within the Learning division, other University Libraries departments and
units, and other campus partners on commons-related initiatives.
15% Support Library Renovation Projects
Assists with remodeling and reconstruction projects, working with the University Physical
Plant and Renovations Departments.
Supports Director of Library Facilities and is in contact with Project Managers,
contractors, vendors, and Library personnel. Schedules meetings and maintains
communication to see renovation projects through to completion.
Contacts vendors to procure furniture and other items needed for Library renovation
projects. Schedules installation of furniture and/or other services from vendors. Works
with Learning Division and other Library departments as needed to schedule vendor
5% Contribute to the Mission of the University Libraries
Participates in various continuing education and professional development opportunities
in order to continually professional practice and philosophies.
Maintains current awareness in the library profession and related fields.
Provides quality services in a professional manner with a demonstrated commitment to
team efforts, service excellence, and diversity and inclusion.
Performs other duties as assigned.
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