14 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
We have a Strategic Growth Area (part of destination areas) called Innovation & Entrepreneurship.
This is largely focused on curriculum but the overall focus is expanding the innovation ecosystem
across campus.
Yes, the university strategic plan does place an emphasis on innovative and creative solutions.
This is coupled with additional emphasis on markets, social structures, and public policy.
Examples of this emphasis in action include the Kellogg School of Management Innovation and
Entrepreneurship Initiative (KIEI), the McCormick School of Engineering Farley Center for
Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and the Medill School of Journalism’s Media Innovation and
Entrepreneurship Specialization.
Yes, we already have this in College of Engineering. Medical school has path of excellence. School of
Information has an undergraduate program and we have various accelerators on campus.
Yes. The business school provides plenty of entrepreneurship opportunities for students, not just
business students but all majors. The following are some of the competitions available: Rollins Center’s
Business Model Competition, Mobile App Competition, etc.
Answered No N=4
Although the campus vision statement does generically refer to “fueling economic growth” and its
top-level public relations message is that the campus is involved in “research and innovation,” which
frequently includes entrepreneurial stories. However, there is no well-articulated strategic priority that
all the entrepreneurship programs on campus can point to as justification for coordinating. We have
a few incubators on campus, and more than one entrepreneurship program, for both undergraduates
and graduates. Also, the campus-wide program called Research Experience and Applied Learning does
include an opportunity to engage in/create “entrepreneurship activities” for students, but primarily
emphasizes other activities such as working with faculty on research projects.
Currently, there is no explicit mention of entrepreneurship in university strategic priorities; most of the
focus on entrepreneurship still resides in the College of Business (although there are emerging pockets
elsewhere: Engineering, Food Science, etc.)
Entrepreneurship is a strategic theme for the business school, but not for the whole university.
Our institution has many, many entrepreneurship- and innovation-related offices, programs, classes,
and co/extra-curricular groups spread across the campus, but there is nothing centralized at the
campus level—not an office, person, or document—to coordinate or regulate all of these disparate
efforts. Further, there is no apparent coordination, loose or otherwise, to guide the initiatives campus-
If you answered “No” above, please answer as many of the survey questions as applicable.
2. Which of the following statements best describe your library’s current level of support for campus
entrepreneurship activities? N=55
We provide support/services on an ongoing basis 45 82%
We are piloting/testing how to support these activities 1 2%
We are actively investigating how to support these activities 9 16%
Comments N=24
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