56 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Wisconsin School of Business’ Weinert Center for Entrepreneurship (instruction, fellowships,
investments); UW Housing (the entrepreneurship residential learning community); Law School (Law
& Entrepreneurship Clinic); Discovery to Product (Business & Entrepreneurship and Accelerator
program); WARF (technology transfer, public talks, and some funds for technology development); Small
Business Development Center (consulting for area start ups and companies); College of Engineering
(transcend student organizations that host innovation contests, some curriculum in biomedical
engineering on technology development for entrepreneurial settings); UW Arts Institute (sponsors
a student organization and a contest for artists); College of Letters and Science (hosts the Computer
Science department’s NEST contest); The University INSITE cluster (faculty in the College of Ag and
Life Sciences, Law, and Business developing courses, supporting other activities mentioned above); The
university’s Office of Corporate Relations (hosts an annual entrepreneurial lifetime achievement award
reception, directs queries across campus); Burill Competition; WEB Bootcamp; Discovery to Product
Upstart Program (women and minorities); UW-Extension Ideadvance Seed Fund; Wisconsin SBIR -
Center for Technology Commercialization
Answered No N=2
Not officially, but one of our librarians teaches the introductory entrepreneurship course for the College
of Business.
University Libraries has partnered with Jim Moran School of Entrepreneurship to deliver non-credit
classes and help get the word out about new databases and resources the library has purchased. The
Jim Moran Institute’s Entrepreneurial Bootcamp for Wounded Veterans asks the Entrepreneurial
Outreach Librarian to speak on market research databases, tools, and techniques each year. Several
student groups in the business school and the engineering school ask for speaking engagements with
the Entrepreneurial Outreach Librarian on databases and resources.
23. Please briefly describe any outreach activities the library uses to promote its entrepreneurship
resources and/or services. N=41
Attendance at social events and meetings. Seat on planning committee for Bringing Up Missouri
Business, a week of start-up activities coordinated by the Vice-Provost for Economic Development.
Displays, attending Velocity pitch competitions, St Paul’s Greenhouse innovation showcase, etc.
Email list, connections with other campus groups, faculty retreats, course-integrated instruction, and
newsletters are used to promote these resources and services. To keep a good relationship with the
entrepreneurship center, we have a link from their page and we get referrals. We also promote their
services to students who come to our offices.
Email notices are sent to students through the graduate and undergraduate offices and to faculty who
teach entrepreneurship courses. We have also sent a description of library resources to the BuzzLab for
inclusion in the Buzzlab email newsletter. We also include news about library resources pertaining to
entrepreneurship on the library news web pages.
Entrepreneurship library website; Entrepreneuriat Laval website (entrepreneurship incubator);
Attendance to entrepreneurship conferences & activities (the business librarian is a member of the
entrepreneurship incubator.)
Entrepreneurship research guide, contacts with faculty, course related instruction, contacts with
program staff in the College of Business and the Pappajohn Center
Every semester, we reach out to the entrepreneurship faculty to learn about projects we can support via
consultations, instruction, or guides.
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