31 SPEC Kit 355: Campus-wide Entrepreneurship
Position title: Manager, 3D Design Studio
Library unit/department: Learning Environments
Reports to: Associate Director, Learning Environments
Percentage of time devoted to
Year position created: 2016
Position title: Program Manager of the Blackstone LaunchPad
Library unit/department: Blackstone LaunchPad
Reports to: Blackstone PI and Dean of Libraries and University Librarian
Percentage of time devoted to
Year position created: 2016
9. Please briefly describe which other library staff typically provide support/services to campus
entrepreneurship activities. N=43
All Gelardin New Media Center staff, student workers, and our Business Librarian support
entrepreneurship activities.
All of the business librarians support entrepreneurship projects through consultations. One librarian
takes the lead on creating guides and liaising with the business school on entrepreneurship-related
courses and projects. It is likely we will continue with this model unless the university establishes
entrepreneurship as a key strategic theme and provides resources to expand library services in
this area.
Business & Engineering Librarians, Digital Scholarship Librarians
Business Librarian, Statistics Librarian
Business librarian for programs generally coordinated out of the College of Business. Science librarians
for the Edison Biotechnology Institute
Business Librarian is currently the only library staff member providing support and services to
entrepreneurship activities.
Business librarians, engineering librarians, patents and trademark librarian, copyright officer, and
campus librarians outside main campus who support entrepreneurship curriculum and initiatives.
Business library staff, liaison librarians in various disciplines
Business Library, Engineering Library, Steenbock (Life Sciences) Library, Law Library. Engineering
librarians participate in instruction and research guide creation for design classes and patents.
Chemistry librarian also provides patent support. Agriculture & life sciences librarians have assisted
community patrons with business research. Business librarians provide support via instruction in
various courses on entrepreneurship, venture creation, and small business management classes. The
Business Library also creates LibGuides that focus on various entrepreneurship topics. The Business
Library also supports students in various business plan competitions. The Business Library assists
community patrons via the Small Business Development Center in finding information for their
business plan. The Business Library through various means provides information resource support
for the following entrepreneurship organizations that are on campus: Wisconsin School of Business’
Weinert Center for Entrepreneurship (instruction, fellowships, investments); UW Housing (the
entrepreneurship residential learning community); Law School (Law & Entrepreneurship Clinic);
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