61 SPEC Kit 355: Campus-wide Entrepreneurship
Answered No N=5
I wouldn’t say there are any significant gaps in library services at this time, other than the fact that the
activity in entrepreneurship around campus has exploded over the past few years to the point that there
is more than enough work for one person. Our next step will likely involve training up subject librarians
in other areas (ranging from the arts to veterinary medicine) to support entrepreneurship inquiries.
Needs could be addressed more if more staffing was available.
No, because no resources specifically (solely) support entrepreneurship.
Our services in this area are constantly evolving based on campus needs.
This is an emerging area at WSU Pullman. It has not yet exceeded our current capabilities and
resources. It may if it continues to develop.
25. Does the library plan to develop any new products and/or services in the near future to enhance
its support for entrepreneurship? N=55
Yes 29 53%
No 26 47%
If yes, please briefly describe the product or service. N=29
A new campus in development for Markham supports community engagement inclusive of
entrepreneurial activities with students and industry/business in the community. The Peter F.
Bronfman Business Library has plans to offer tailored support for students enrolled in the Start-Up
Night events.
A new research guide or web portal for entrepreneurship
Although doubtful, we have included support for this need in a recent program review.
Arts & Entrepreneurship Colloquium for fall 2017 is in the planning stages. STEM graduate student
research class is in planning stage. Online BR101 classes are in the planning stages.
Blackstone LaunchPad and the Libraries plan to provide access to a new patent research database,
along with expert patent research guidance from students at the Law Center, who will hold weekly
office hours at the LaunchPad.
Giving more & longer market research workshops at Entrepreneuriat Laval (entrepreneurship
incubator). Tightening collaboration between the business librarian & the statistics librarian.
Enhancement of the entrepreneurship library website.
In development
Library subscriptions to applied (vs academic) market research databases, access support for university-
affiliated startups without library access
Once an entrepreneurship librarian is in place we hope to create a suite of services to support
the initiative.
Once we have our entrepreneurship librarian on board, we anticipate new and enhanced services to
support the entrepreneurship curriculum and university-wide initiatives relating to entrepreneurship.
Our campus is building a design learning facility that will come online in 2019. In preparation
for the design center, the campus is organizing a distributed design network of services in which
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