48 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Steacie Science and Engineering Library
STEM Library
Strozier Library: 3D scanning, research, instruction. Dirac Science Library: 3D printing, online
research, instruction. Engineering Library: online research, instruction. Law Library: online
research, instruction
The Duke Law School offers a Law and Entrepreneurship LLM and a JD/LLM in Law &
Entrepreneurship. The Goodson Law Library supports these programs as part of its collections and
services. For all categories listed in this question, consulting is not provided as a fee service and all
resources are accessed following the legal restrictions in accordance with our subscription contracts.
UBC Okanagan campus library
Welch, SAIS, APL offer services besides the regional libraries under the Sheridan Libraries.
If you selected “Other location” above, please briefly describe the location and which service is
offered. N=26
Business school (The business library is located inside the main library.)
Campus libraries (these are in locations outside the main campus): reference, research, and instruction.
College of Business: instruction for veterans participating in the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp
for Veterans
DOMI Station Incubator: research, instruction. Leon County Public Library: instruction. Coming soon
is the “Innovation Hub” that will be located on the main campus and will function as a creative space
and makerspace, JM School/Institute Building Downtown (due to be open in Fall 2017).
Embedded librarian with office hours is in the College of Business. Instruction is offered in individual
classes or groups of students, e.g., Ph.D. students in entrepreneurship.
Faculty of Business (for instruction)
Faculty/department classrooms for library instruction
In the classroom
In the College of Business
Instruction can occur in campus classrooms.
Instruction in business classrooms and engineering classrooms
Instruction is offered at Business School classrooms.
Instructional workshops for the business plan competition, as well as courses about entrepreneurship,
are taught by the Business Librarian on-site at either the Applied Innovation incubator, or in the
classroom where the course is held.
Librarians provide these services at the various centers for entrepreneurship and innovation
around campus.
Office hours are held at The Martin J. Whitman School of Management.
Reference, instruction, and in-depth consultations are offered wherever the three business subject
specialists or business staff person may be located, including in an embedded library satellite space in
one of the business buildings.
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