47 SPEC Kit 355: Campus-wide Entrepreneurship
18. Where are these entrepreneurship services offered? Check all that apply. N=54
Location Reference Research Instruction Consulting Other
Main campus library 47 33 42 19 7 48
Online 38 26 22 12 4 39
Another branch/unit library 23 19 21 9 5 26
Business library 21 19 20 9 3 21
Entrepreneurship center 8 8 15 5 3 16
Incubator 5 7 10 3 3 12
Other location 12 10 26 6 3 26
Total responses 54 45 54 23 12 54
If you selected “Another branch/unit library” above, please specify which library and which
service is offered. N=24
Art, Architecture, and Engineering Library, Mlibrary at NCRC
Biomedical Library, Education Commons
Business Library, Engineering Library, Steenbock (Life Sciences) Library, Law Library
Center for Science and Social Science Information: reference, research support, instruction Cushing-
Whitney Medical Library: reference, research support, instruction
Engineering Library offers instruction on makerspace use and software. Also some patent searching.
Engineering Library: reference, research, and instruction
Health Sciences Library
In our library’s scholarly commons users can receive reference help, instruction, or in-depth consulting
on topics such as GIS mapping applications, survey construction, and data analysis.
Jack Brause Library (real estate), NYU-Abu Dhabi library, Dibner Library: all services noted above
Journalism Library: reference, research, instruction, consulting
Law & medical libraries
Library Data Commons at Curry, Robertson Media Center, Fine Arts Library
Our 18th Avenue Library serves our engineering population and is where our engineering liaison
librarians have their offices. They will answer reference questions, provide research consultations, and
instruction as needed. These activities may also come out of our Research Commons, which is housed
on the 3rd floor of that library.
Reference services are also available through the Pendergrass Ag Vet Med Library and Music Library.
Schaffner Library located on Northwestern University’s Chicago campus. Many business school
students get their library support at this location.
Science and Engineering Library: patent searching and trademark searching
Science library offers reference, research, instruction and events (other services).
Some form of all the services listed above (reference, in-depth research, market research, etc.) are
offered at all three of our branch libraries.
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