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Maker Hub Manager
Supervisory Organization Name
and Number:
Job Overview
Head, Gelardin New Media Center
Gelardin New Media Center #0119
Term End Date:
The Georgetown University Library's Maker Hub Initiative provides a creative gathering place connecting Georgetown
researchers, makers and entrepreneurs from across campus with specialized equipment and a collaborative atmosphere to
design, solve problems and Innovate. The Maker Hub Manager will help chart the direction of the Maker Hub Initiative and
will oversee the dally operations by coordinating Instructional activities, supervising a team of student peer mentors and
maintaining safe, organized work areas with fully functional equipment.
This position provides support to Individual students or interdisciplinary teams working on Independent projects or course
assignments that enhance classroom-learning experiences and contribute towards educating the whole person. The
manager Inspires discovery and experimentation, connecting Georgetown's art, technology and business communities
with new models of innovation in a low-stakes environment where they can work together to solve problems and learn
from each other. A critical aspect of this position involves collaboration with makers from all areas of the University,
Including academic units, student groups and Individual faculty, students and staff.
The Maker Hub Manager will be expected to have or develop expertise with all of the equipment offered, Including 30
printers and scanners, a laser cutter, sewing machine, vinyl cutter, and electronics, in addition to a wide variety of tools for
Wark Interactions
Reporting to the Director of the Gelardln New Media Center, the Maker Hub Manager will work closely with New Media
Center staff to expand and enhance our current focus on digital media to physical making tools and resources.
Requirements and Qualiflcatfons
Bachelor's Degree
Practical Experience:

5 years experience working In a Maker Space or organization that connects art, technology and business

2 year� experience teaching.
Technlcal Qualifications or Specialized Certification:
A background in the visual arts or the maker movement and the ability to use a variety of tools, Including 3d
printers and scanners, sewing machines, and laser cutters.

Demonstrated experience using digital media and graphic design software.

Experience with electronics and programming microcontrollers, including Raspberry pl and Ardulno.
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