51 SPEC Kit 355: Campus-wide Entrepreneurship
Introduction to business research resources and advanced search strategy techniques.
Introduction to library resources for entrepreneurship, resources for market research, resources for
patent searching, demographic and consumer research using GIS
Library instruction in this area covers a wide range of business topics. The most common topics
include market research/consumer analytics, competitive intelligence and competitor analysis, SWOT
analyses, locating financial information and funding resources, and assistance with business plans/the
business model canvas (an alternative framework to the business plan).
Library instruction includes a discussion of resources available for market and industry research both
at our library and the public library, as well as search strategies.
Library instruction includes intellectual property (copyright, patents, trademarks) and also
product or market research, and business plans. Overall, the instruction we offer depends on the
instructor’s needs.
Market analysis, business plans, etc.
Market and industry research
Market research: company (public & private), industry, consumer, and country profiles. Competitive
intelligence (current awareness)
Market research and industry research
Market research, business plans, and specific database instruction
Market research, competitive intelligence, company information, industry information
Market research, industry research, business planning, and market planning
Market research, industry resources, company, consumer information, demographics, marketing
databases, entrepreneurship database, best business practices, presentation tools, electronic commerce,
and how to analyze and cite data
Market research, market sizing, intro to business resources, intro to campus resources for startups,
business model canvas, primary research tools and strategies, data and statistics for business/startups,
startup job searching, patent searching
Market research, company & industry information, information literacy
Patent searching, trademark searching, company information
Patent searching, searching for company data, searching for market data, searching for
business financials
Patent searching, using databases for market research, researching a topic (competitive intelligence)
Patent searching, search strategies in relevant databases
Resource awareness, Information seeking, patents, marketing, funding, company, etc.
Searching for business information, product development research, marketing research, global trade
and sourcing in textiles and apparel research resources, company analysis, makerspace workshops
Support for business plan/idea creation
The business librarian has taught sessions in how to do market research using free online resources
to local entrepreneurial groups. He has also worked with students in how to research a company, an
industry, or customer groups.
Topics covered in instruction are an overview of our resources, any restrictions on their use by the
audience, and also suggestions for free (government and association) information alternatives.
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