24 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Entrepreneurship Competition: Challenges interdisciplinary teams of graduate students from across
UC Irvine to structure and negotiate a joint development agreement for a new and exciting technology.
h.ITECH Competition: Designed to foster a spirit of entrepreneurship among Bren School and UCI
students, and fuel the development of new technologies that have the potential to positively impact
the marketplace. Butterworth Product Development Competition: Open to all UCI students. Designed
to encourage the creation of new technologies with potential for commercialization. Students are
encouraged to submit new products that involve the development of software and systems. Beall
Student Design Competition: Open to all UCI students. Offered to encourage the creation of new
technologies, or solutions to current design problems that have the potential for commercialization.
Students are encouraged to submit new product ideas that involve the development of hardware and
devices. PrimeUC Competition: Competition events (2–4 per year) that award seed funding to the most
promising start-ups emerging from the University of California, rotating between life sciences and
engineering. Affiliation can include current or alumni students, post-docs, staff, research scientists and
faculty, and also includes companies resident in a UC-affiliated incubator.
Velocity; Conrad Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology Centre; Engineering Innovation; St.
Paul’s Greenhouse; Stratford Digital Media Campus; Entrepreneurship Society (EntSoc); Research
Entrepreneurs Accelerating Prosperity (REAP); Waterloo Commercialization Office (WatCo);
Accelerator Centre
We have an intercollege minor in entrepreneurship and innovation (with clusters in nine colleges).
This minor also has participants from a number of campuses outside the main campus. There are
also several centers focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship. The university also has an office of
technology management, a business accelerator program, a student-run entrepreneurship organization,
and a program that offers training and space for start-ups (a partnership between the university, local
government, and companies).
Weatherhead School of Management [Business School]; Case School of Engineering;
Thinkbox LaunchPad
Wisconsin School of Business’ Weinert Center for Entrepreneurship (instruction, fellowships,
investments). UW Housing (the entrepreneurship residential learning community) Law School (Law
& Entrepreneurship Clinic). Discovery to Product (Business & Entrepreneurship and Accelerator
program). WARF (technology transfer, public talks, and some funds for technology development). Small
Business Development Center (consulting for area start ups and companies). College of Engineering
(transcend student organizations that host innovation contests, some curriculum in biomedical
engineering on technology development for entrepreneurial settings). UW Arts Institute (sponsors
a student organization and a contest for artists). College of Letters and Science (hosts the Computer
Science department’s NEST contest). The University INSITE cluster (faculty in the College of Ag and
Life Sciences, Law, and Business developing courses, supporting other activities mentioned above). The
university’s Office of Corporate Relations (hosts an annual entrepreneurial lifetime achievement award
reception, directs queries across campus). Burill Competition. WEB Bootcamp. Discovery to Product
Upstart Program (women and minorities). UW-Extension Ideadvance Seed Fund. Wisconsin SBIR -
Center for Technology Commercialization. UW Office of Corporate Relations. Technology Transfer
Office. UW Extension
Within the School of Management, we have a Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership as well as
programs, courses, and labs related to entrepreneurship. Campus-wide there is an undergraduate
Entrepreneurship Academy and also Blackstone LaunchPad at UB, a campus-based entrepreneurship
program that offers a support system to students, links the campus to the business community,
holds events, competitions, etc. Additionally, on a more public facing level, the Office of Economic
Development also focuses on engaging entrepreneurs and facilitating entrepreneurial ecosystems.
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