37 SPEC Kit 355: Campus-wide Entrepreneurship
The business library receives funds from the Small Business Development Center as well as the
Entrepreneurship Learning Community for resource support.
The business school contributes some funds.
The main funds come from the University Libraries main budget. However, several colleges have put
in money for various resources to help purchase different databases and data tools mainly. For example
the College of Business database funds several different databases, the Law Libraries also helps out
with various databases, and the award-winning Career Center Library purchases different databases
and cooperatively purchases with University Libraries.
The patent database and materials we receive are provided free of charge by the US government
because we are a depository library. The main library budget supports databases used for business
classes. The other sources of funds are endowed funds.
We have a library student technology fee that supports equipment and software purchases.
12. Where are these resources located? Check all that apply. N=53
Location Books,
Data Equipment Software Other
Main campus library 47 24 16 21 5 47
Online 47 33 5 17 7 47
Another branch/unit library 22 11 12 12 5 25
Business library 19 12 3 8 3 19
Entrepreneurship center 4 2 0 1 1 5
Incubator 0 0 2 2 1 3
Other location 6 2 4 1 2 10
Total responses 53 36 24 29 11 53
If you selected “Another branch/unit library” above, please specify which library and identify the
type of resource. N=23
3D printing is located in the Science & Technology Library.
All branches: books, journals, databases
All databases, ebooks, and ejournals are accessible in all BU libraries, including branch libraries of
Mugar Library, and in faculty libraries: law, medical, and theology. Resources are also available on
campus in all buildings, offices, and centers.
Art, Architecture, and Engineering library buys books to support the curriculum for CFE located on
that campus. Online access is supported all around campus at every campus library on a walk-in basis.
Ayala Science Library: 3D printer and poster printer
Career Center Library: databases
Center for Science and Social Science Information (merged science/social science/data library)
Engineering Library
Engineering Library: makerspace with specialized software and 3D printer
Engineering Library: books
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