45 SPEC Kit 355: Campus-wide Entrepreneurship
Relations team has purchased access to The Foundation Center Online to target entrepreneurial
activities in addition to their own activities.
The Isenberg School of Management has several WRDS (Wharton Research Data Services) data
products and a subscription to several Bloomberg terminals.
The Kellogg School of Management has a research support center that offers access to some databases
not available in the library.
Yes, but many don’t know their use in entrepreneurship. The Entrepreneurial Outreach Librarian has
supported many of the tools with money or advice. FSU Foundation has licensed Foundation Center
databases including the Foundation Directory. Only FSU students, faculty, and staff can access. ITS
Services has licensed Gartner Higher Education Reference and lynda.com. Only FSU students, faculty,
and staff can access. Career Services has licensed several databases: ArtSearch, AtoZdatabases,
GoinGlobal Database, Plunkett’s Research, Versatile PhD, Vault Career Intelligence.
17. Please indicate which kinds of services the library provides specifically to support
entrepreneurship activities. Check all that apply. N=54
Reference (in-person, chat, etc.) 52 96%
Library instruction 52 96%
In-depth research 39 72%
Market research 35 65%
Support for business plan competitions 34 63%
Patent searching 22 41%
Fee-based consulting 0
Other service 22 41%
Please briefly describe the other service. N=22
3D printing
A yearly 2-day event, the Steacie Library Hackfest is run in partnership with LaunchYU. The event
includes pitching ideas, incubating, and realizing their projects on teams and with the assistance of
mentors from the university and business community; lightening talks and presentations highlighting
their finished product.
Academy of Innovation/Entrepreneurship workshops are often held in the library.
As mentioned above, when courses are taught in the CID library space, there is a requirement to form
some sort of collaboration with a librarian. This could be team teaching, one-shot instruction, reference
consultations, etc. Other services could include reference, market, patent, and support for business
plan competitions.
Collection support
Digital Media Lab offers 3D printing for product prototyping, digital production support (e.g., graphics
and podcast creation), and access to the related software and equipment.
Displays, outreach
GIS, statistics, data visualization
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