40 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
aren’t yet commercialized or licensed but would not be authorized to use many electronic resources
for commercial or for-profit purposes. The library doesn’t monitor patrons’ use of resources but will
educate users on licensing terms as needed.
Users who are not university students, faculty, or staff may use library content on-site. License
agreements restrict use beyond those groups. We are not yet prepared to offer MakerSpace and
Visualization Lab resources available beyond our primary clientele.
Walk-in access is available to all users; remote access is limited to affiliated faculty, students, and staff.
Additional comments N=13
All user types can access our print reference material and books, however, database access is more
restricted and limited to current students, faculty, and staff.
Alumni and the general public (including members of the business community) can obtain a guest pass
to sign on to computers in the Libraries, which allows them to use our electronic resources. This is
designed for educational purposes only.
Alumni have access on-site to various resources but not the full suite of services/databases available to a
current student.
Alumni, general public, and members of the business community may all use the resources when
visiting the on-campus facilities.
Community and general public may use resources when they visit the library buildings.
For alumni, the public, etc. It varies by resource. Some resources are available to the public on site.
General public, alumni, and members of the business community must use resources on site and subject
to license restrictions.
Our resources are available for in-library use by the general public and alumni.
Some databases allow walk-in use.
Some restrictions apply to alumni access and for walk-in users.
Students, faculty, and staff can use the online materials off-campus. All others can use the online
materials, but must do so in the library building.
The general public and business community need to come to main library and utilize specific terminals
to access databases and data. Not all databases are available due to licensing requirements.
The use of library resources by alumni, general public, and members of the business community are
determined by our licensing agreements and location. We provide these populations access to resources
when we can do so legally.
14. Did you need to revise any of your license agreements or clarify limitations of use for online
resources because of expanded entrepreneurial initiatives at your institution (e.g., because of for-
profit student/faculty start-ups, use by alumni or business community, etc.)? N=56
Yes 14 25%
No 42 75%
If yes, please identify the resource(s). N=13
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