58 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
advice. PTRC library staff can assist with the following: Provide access to resources such as PubEAST
and PubWEST, examiner-based search systems. Direct you to information and explain the application
process and fee schedule. Demonstrate how to use search tools to conduct a patent or trademark search.
Show you a directory of local patent attorneys who are licensed to practice before the USPTO. Offer
classes on intellectual property (varies by location). Offer assistance on how to do historical research
patents and trademarks. Show you how to track current research by company or nonprofit. Help you
find assignee information and much more.
Talks on patents at public library, patent workshops for graduate students
The Blackstone LaunchPad conducts a number of outreach activities. In addition, the business,
management, and entrepreneurship librarian communicates with Whitman students, faculty, and staff
with messages about library (and business librarian) services and holds weekly office hours (which
are listed on the Business Information LibGuide). The business, management, and entrepreneurship
librarian also holds office hours in the Blackstone LaunchPad, which are advertised via the Blackstone
e-newsletter campus wide.
The business librarian has led training sessions with the KSBDC consultants. He attended and
presented to a local Inventors Club. He attended a workshop series for entrepreneurs sponsored by a
local newspaper.
The business librarian provides outreach to faculty and staff in the College of Business. Through these
connections, faculty and students are aware of the resources and services available. The business
librarian also provides numerous online guides to information useful to entrepreneurs that are findable
via the Libraries’ website and the web.
The Business Research 101 class reaches/trains an average of 70–100 people a semester to use
business databases and tools from the library. A poster series was started spring 2017 to promote
the library’s entrepreneurship resources and spaces. Workbook series has been developed with help
from DOMI Station and JMI Incubator to help guide student entrepreneurs through the ideation and
startup process.
The Libraries create events, displays, and LibGuides; provide instruction and research consultations;
and promote events.
The library uses social media, its news site, and word of mouth/relationship building to promote
services. The mentor office hours at the incubator are also promoted through email marketing
to members.
The library’s entrepreneurship offerings are publicized on the Yale Entrepreneurship Calendar.
Librarians promote resources and services at the annual Entrepreneurship Bazaar and in workshops on
entrepreneurship topics. The team of librarians who support entrepreneurship are in regular contact
with staff at the entrepreneurship centers around campus. The Librarian for Business and Management
routinely attends entrepreneurship events hosted by these centers in order to raise the visibility of our
services and learn about the issues and topics that are important to our campus community.
We do not do anything specific for entrepreneurship.
We don’t have an entrepreneurship librarian. We can’t support it so we do not promote it.
We have a robust program of course-related-instruction. Librarians have also presented information
at boot camps. Additionally, librarians have been embedded in online courses. Finally, librarians have
been active participants in student and community entrepreneurship events.
We partner with other entrepreneurship-oriented groups to promote our resources and services
through their social media, event announcements, etc.
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