34 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
The engineering, business, regional, and GIS & data librarians from the Sheridan Libraries; the
Reserves coordinators for the JHU libraries; the “informationists” at the medical and public health
libraries; the librarians at the Applied Physics Lab
The library has a Patent and Trademark Resource Center, which provides support to faculty and
students in entrepreneurship and design classes, and also provides support to the Technology
Development Center. We collaborated on jointly purchasing 3D printers for use in an entrepreneurship
class and these printers reside in the library’s Creative Studios where they are open to the entire
campus. We also provided instruction and student support during the duration of the class. The
staff who oversee the studios are also responsible for the printer maintenance, training, and overall
coordination of use by the campus community. In addition, we collaborate on events such as career fairs
and Startup Weekend where students work intensively to design and market an original product with
the assistance of local business owners and resources.
The library staff is skilled in facilitating collaboration and inquiry and will support iZone as it evolves.
The social sciences librarian, social sciences data librarian, and engineering librarian all help students
as much as possible, given time constraints and lack of resources.
The veterinary medicine librarian provides a lot of support, as do the health sciences and
journalism librarians.
There are many librarians who provide support via project consultation in the business and STEM
libraries. We also have 3D printing services that are used for prototyping that are run by librarians
and interns.
This is handled via the business research librarians at the Management Library.
Three business subject specialist librarians (faculty) and a staff member primarily support the
courses and co/extra-curricular programs related to entrepreneurship, in addition to their other
responsibilities. As part of this support, librarians and staff members from subject specializations such
as engineering, life sciences, and law, as well as functional areas such as our scholarly commons, may be
included in the library’s response, depending on the nature of the request and discipline(s) involved.
Through liaison roles with various faculties and departments, supporting courses, collaborating
with entrepreneurship librarian. Also cross-appointed U of T librarian embedded in local regional
innovation centre.
Two business librarians teach, consult on capstone projects (industry clients), and liaise with
engineering librarian.
UCI’s Business & Economics Librarian offers tailored research workshops on request, and offers
reference support to anyone in the greater UCI community with a business-related research question.
By logical extension, this means supporting anyone participating in UCI’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.
Various library subject specialists have worked with their college or department’s entrepreneurial
activities all with varying degrees of involvement. The most active have been the business librarians,
but the music librarians and the arts librarian have had active faculty and students in entrepreneurship.
The Entrepreneurial Outreach Librarian works with any library subject specialist to answer questions
and provide outreach when requested.
We do not have anyone dedicated entirely to managing library support for entrepreneurial
programs. We do have two business librarians who jointly manage this as part of their regular
liaison responsibilities.
We rely on our liaison librarian for business to interact and respond to any needs.
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