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3D Design Studio Manager & Renovations Support Specialist
Title: 3D Design Studio Manager & Renovations Support Specialist
Position Summary
The 3D Design Studio Manager and Renovations Support Specialist provides leadership and
coordination for the University Libraries’ 3D Design Studio. The position oversees the daily
operations of the Studio, monitors its technology and equipment, operationalizes Studio policies
and programs, and supervises student staff. Additional responsibilities include participating in
the Libraries’ broader learning environments initiatives, including its Learning Commons, and
working collaboratively with the Libraries’ Facilities unit to support new and ongoing library
renovation projects.
Required Qualifications
Strong record of experience working with 3D printing technology, modelling software,
and related applications.
Demonstrable knowledge of 3D printing trends and best practices.
Minimum two years of supervisory experience.
Experience with physical space management and facilities development.
Evidence of creativity and project management skills.
Experience collaborating across library units and with campus partners.
Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
Preferred Qualifications
Knowledge of research library learning environments.
Background in design, architecture, or engineering.
Experience with outreach in a university setting.
65% Manage 3D Design Studio
Oversees daily operations of the Studio.
Trains student staff in use of Studio printers and related services.
Produces and regularly updates student staff training documentation.
Coordinates student staff schedules.
Maintains and monitors use of Studio materials and supplies.
Provides project assistance and user-end troubleshooting
Monitors Studio compliance of hazardous materials use and other safety standards.
Ensures that equipment is operational and repairs are made as needed in a timely
Communicates Studio-related information (e.g., changes to operating hours, ) to library
as needed.
Collections statistics and other evaluative information about the Studio
15% Support Learning Commons Projects & Programs
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