26 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Some in centralized office, some in faculties/schools
The Blackstone LaunchPad has established a monthly meeting of a cross-campus Entrepreneurship
Roundtable (E-Table), a 45-member group of faculty and staff engaged with entrepreneurship.
Representatives include faculty who teach courses in entrepreneurship and program staff who work
with entrepreneurially minded students. The focus of each meeting is outreach, information sharing,
collaborative event planning, and support for cross-campus entrepreneurial activities.
The BuzzLab is the centralized office for entrepreneurship.
The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative coordinates some of the activities on campus and is a
centralized office for its programs. In addition, the professional schools and their centers coordinate
their activities. These are not loosely coordinated as each stakeholder has constituents and objectives
for its activities and outreach.
The various entrepreneurial entities and stakeholders are certainly aware of one another, but basically
it’s a free-for-all.
There is no known formalized coordination between these entities, or any others unlisted. The Office
of the Vice President for Research offers programs and incentives for entrepreneurial ideas, but that
office does not oversee or coordinate the courses and programs with which librarians work. Librarians
actually do not offer targeted services or collections to OVPR entities or to the Research Park.
5. Does your library play a role in directing or coordinating campus entrepreneurship activities?
Yes 14 24%
No 44 76%
If yes, please indicate what that role is. N=14
Member of a governing body/advisory board/committee 3 21%
Input at the faculty/department level 2 14%
Input at the senior management level, e.g., deans’ council 0
Other role 9 64%
Please briefly describe the other role. N=9
Associate Dean is on the I&E SGA and will be leading the development of the Innovation Cluster
Space in the library. Also is a co-chair of subcommittee related to the Innovation Ecosystem across
the university.
Member of governing body/advisory board/committee: not a member yet, but probably later this year.
Provide liaison support like help with information seeking, classroom training or teaching,
consultations, acquiring resources. Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovate Blue are located in
the libraries.
The Blackstone LaunchPad, based in the SU Libraries, facilitates a cross-campus Entrepreneurship
Roundtable (E-Table).
The business and economics librarian serves on the advisory committee.
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