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9 Number of physical units may include accompanying material.
11 Number of physical units may include accompanying material. Geology Library: A Geology retrocon project added 2,088 bibliographic
records for US Geological Survey maps transferred from the Map Library. Geology staff processed, barcoded and added 2,063 maps.
This total includes 25 new maps and 2,063 maps from the retrocon transfer project. As the remaining maps associated with the retrocon
project are barcoded, they will be added to the map holdings. In addition, this number still excludes a significant number of transferred
maps for which records have yet to be added. As records are added and maps processed, they will be included in the statistics.
18, 21 The campus education library, formerly known as the CIMC, merged with two other units at the start of 2008-2009. The library’s new
name is MERIT (Media, Education Resources &Information Technology). MERIT now provides media development, information
technology and education library resources for the UW-Madison School of Education. More money has been transferred to MERIT
Library’s budget to support new full-time positions, as well as the support of central IT service functions (which had previously been in
another budget line).
34 The increase in circulation transactions is attributed in part to the practice of creating a ‘local record’ when materials are received from
other libraries via inter-library loan. While lending materials to other libraries has decreased over the years, borrowing has increased,
consequently this trend impacts the processing of materials through circulation services.
Library branches included: Includes Medical Arts Law Divinity, Science, Social Science, Beinecke, Lewis Walpole Library.
Data from the Law and Health Sciences Library are also included in the figures reported.
Budget reductions in 2009-2010 resulted in decreases to several figures in this reporting cycle, for example question 16, question 21,
question 27a and question 27b.
6 Reported elsewhere.
9 Note: Since 2002-2003 we note the number added only in the notes field. Count of computer files added in 2009-2010 is 1,199.
All figures are as of 04/30/2010.
Library branches included: Frost Library, Bronfman Business Library, Steacie Science &Engineering Library, Scott Library.
Data from the Law Library are also included in the figures reported.
9 2008-2009 figure revised to 2,796
12 Included 1,653,960 photographs in archives plus 2,692 slides.
16-26 (16a) $2,460,160 (16b) $7,677,289 (16c) $177,476 (16d) $10,670 (16) $10,325,595 (17) $122,665 (18a) $6,378,544 (18b) $5,634,020 (18c) $932,653
(18) $12,945,217 (20) $3,735,150 (21) $27,128,627 (22) $1,714,661 (23) $5,242,766 (24a) $636,492 (24b) $0 (25) $431,326 (26) $15,684.
1.a Volumes held June 30, 2009 revised to 7,454,800.
All figures are as of 03/31/2010.
1.a Volumes held June 30, 2009 revised to 10,404,239. Count has been recalculated based on collection figures of past years and updated for
3 Lower intake during 2009-2010 than in previous years was the result of a significant review of LAC’s acquisition programs.
5.b.iv Statistics of government document serial titles are integrated into the figures above.
16-26 (16a) $280,913 (16b) $508,149 (16c) $50,750 (16d) $92,181 (16) $931,993 (17) $0 (18a) $59,806,308 (18b) $26,749,220 (18c) $684,689 (18)
$87,240,217 (20) $26,195,712 (21) $114,367,922 (22) $0 (23) $0 (24a) $0 (24b) $76,823 (25) $18,883,381 (26) $10,187.
All figures are as of 09/30/2010.
Library branches included: Library Services (national library functions), including 6 overseas offices, and Law Library of Congress.
Library branches NOT included: National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped .
1.a Volumes held June 30, 2009 revised to 33,515,702. Volumes held June 30, 2008 revised to 32,818,014. The revision to the 2008-2009 figure
reflects an enhanced understanding of the survey questions, not a restatement of the LC’s holdings statistics.
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