120 · ARL Statistics 2009–2010
16.c Major online serial backfile purchases (e.g. ISI Web of Science Biosis Previews ACS Journal Archives) purchased in 2008-2009 no
comparable large backfile purchases in 2009-2010.
16.d Includes $131,575 for memberships $18,752 for document delivery/ILL $15,631 for uncataloged office materials $14,580 for
conservation/preservation and $79 for Amazon Prime shipping fee.
17 Resumed binding following nine-month suspension in 2008-2009 due to budget concerns.
18, 18.a Decrease due to reduction in Force and positions held open.
20, 25 Increase because of purchases made with salary savings.
22 Restricted purchasing due to budgetary constraints.
24.a Increased because of deposits to Amigos/funds from salary savings.
26 Increase in fixed costs and increase in requests.
27, 27.b Reduction in force for budgetary reasons.
29 Correction: 2008-2009 public service hours should be 149.
32 Impact of service point reduction in 2009 continuation of trend.
33 Increasing trend toward electronic resources.
36 More focused data-driven purchasing.
37 Number of degree recipients at this level fluctuates year-to-year.
41, 43 Increased enrollment in existing programs.
All figures are as of 09/30/2010.
1.b Because of shortfalls to the Libraries’ materials budget, monographic purchases were restricted during this reporting period.
3 Because of budgetary shortfalls, we purchased only monographs requested by faculty and graduate students during this reporting
16.a Because of budget shortfalls, monographic purchases were restricted to faculty and graduate student requests and to university press
Library branches included: Law, Health Sciences.
1.a. Volumes held June 30, 2009 revised to 2,946,418.
16.b Includes the Theology and Gotlieb Libraries, excludes the Mugar Library.
All figures are as of 05/31/2010.
Library branches included: Bapst Art Library, Social Work Library, Educational Resource Center, Theology &Ministry Library, John J.
Burns Library of Rare Books and Special Collections.
Data from the Law Library are also included in the figures reported.
1 3,068 e-books: 140 individual titles, 469 locally digitized, 105 eTDs, 2,354 added for packages (Cambridge Histories Online, NBER
working papers, Oxford Reference Online Premium Collection, Oxford Scholarship Online: Social Work, PsycBooks, Cambridge
Collections Complete, ACLS Humanities E-books, Irish Women Poets, Latin American Women Writers.
1.a Volumes held June 30, 2009 revised to 2,557,995. 2,354 e-books were added to our 2008-2009 volume count.
5, 5.a.i We count only unique titles when we provide our statistics for question 5. This year when we counted unique titles for question 5a.i we
found the number of deduped titles with ISSNs dropped from 6,150 to 3,635. This explains why our figure for question 5 is 1,687 less
this year than last year.
All figures are as of 12/30/2009.
Data from the Law Library are also included in the figures reported.
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