140 · ARL Statistics 2009–2010
1.b, 1.b.i This figure includes 24,683 records from the following loads: ACLS Humanities -559 records, Alexander Street Press -3,692 records,
Coutts Springer -1,112 records, CRL -2,781 records, Empire -738 records, E-Thesis -7,953 records, HathiTrust (new this year) -6,033
records, Knovel -84 records, Literature Criticism Online -1,563, Synthesis Collection -168. HathiTrust records were not included in our
2008-2009 figure.
1.b.ii MSU discarded a significant number of journal volumes because we now have permanent electronic access. Other volumes were
withdrawn due to space issues.
5.b.ii MSU selected many more free titles from several different providers this year. Additionally, this is the first year we’ve included
HathiTrust serials in this number.
5.b.iv This is the first year we’ve included Serials Solutions free Government documents records that we’ve selected from various vendors.
7 Estimate due to work flow and personnel changes.
16.a Received 7% increase in materials budget allowing us to make major purchases of journal backfiles.
22 The amount reported for one-time electronic purchases includes $800,000 transferred to the Library budget from another campus unit
for a special project.
32 The substantial increase in reference transactions is due to the branch libraries’ participation this year in Desk Tracker, resulting in
better reporting of statistics.
Library branches included: University of Minnesota Twin Cities Libraries.
Library branches NOT included: University of Minnesota coordinate campus libraries in Duluth, Crookston, Morris.
Data from the Law Library and the Health Sciences Libraries are also included in the figures reported.
1.a Volumes held June 30, 2009 revised to 7,015,659. Figure adjusted for downloaded e-book records.
1.b Increase in net volumes added is due in part to a normal number of withdrawals (2009 was extraordinarily high) and in part to projects
to reduce backlogs.
2 Count is approximate, based on a count of records. It includes UMN coordinate campuses and all material types.
3 Volumes purchased count is not available. Count of monographs ordered is reported as in previous years.
5 Increase is overstated because of under-reporting of Not Purchased titles in 2009 due to a miscommunication. Total serial titles for 2009
should be 101,760. Increase from 2009 to 2010 should be 8%. See detail in note for Not Purchased total. Counting method was the same
in both years.
5.a Count of purchased and non-purchased serial titles, broken down by electronic and print/other. Instructions say to count a title as
electronic only even if we also have holdings in print/other ARL requested that we use ISSN as match point.
A. Purchased
1. Identify all purchased electronic titles using query
a. W85=http and WFT=SE not (W85=gpo or W85=gov or WGP=F or WGP=I or WGP=S) and WSL=?INTE not
WSL=AINTE (i.e. purchased)
b. Removes gov docs
c. Eser_pur
d. 36,160 in 2007
e. 44,702 in 2008
f. 78,239 in 2009
g. 84,932 in 2010
2. Run bib IDs through p_print_03 to get ISSNs from 022
a. Not all the records retrieved in 1a have an 022 field
b. Not unique
c. 34,108 in 2007
d. 40,760 in 2008
e. 48,467 in 2009
f. 52,696 in 2010
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