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3 The statistic for the number of monographic volumes purchased cannot be reported due to the number of items on approval that are
counted when cataloged and when purchased as part of a collection. When a collection is purchased as one order, it is counted as one
volume regardless of the number of items included in the collection. This understates the statistic for volumes purchased for years
in which large collections are purchased. However, when these collections are cataloged, the individual volumes are added to the
volumes held in question 1. [Main Library]
10 This figure represents our entire holdings. It consists primarily of archival records and manuscripts but it also includes substantial
quantities of printed, microfilm, artifact, audio, visual, film, graphic, and digital materials. Our holdings are organized according to the
archival principle of provenance. Our controls over our records are therefore primarily oriented towards the creator of the records and
only secondarily on the particular types of materials. [University Archives]
12 Graphic materials housed in the Art Image Library consist of two components the analog and digital collections. The analog slide
collection is available to faculty, staff, and students for research, teaching and presentation purposes. The digital collection has over
31,000 digital images. However, due to copyright restrictions these low resolution images are only avaiable to Art, Art History and
Design faculty and are not included in the total graphic materials reported. [Main Library]
16.d Miscellaneous materials expenditures consist primarily of memberships for the purpose of obtaining/accessing publications and
literature searching. [Main Library]
18 The total salaries and wages figure does not include $164,351 in fringe benefits. It would be very time consuming to apportion the fringe
benefits to the three salary classifications given, though the amount can be approximated on a pro rata basis, with only a minimal
amount (about 7% of salary) allocated to student employees and the remainder split between the remaining two categories. [University
21 The total library expenditures figure does not include $164,351 in fringe benefits. [University Archives]
27.b Actually, 4.5 FTE. [University Archives]
27.c Actually, 0.15 FTE. [University Archives]
30, 31 Figure does not include three bibliographic presentations about the Notre Dame Archives to 250 individuals at conferences not held at
Notre Dame. [University Archives]
32.a This number is based about 75% on count and about 25% on a reasonably accurate estimate. [University Archives]
Library branches included: Athens (main), Chillicothe, Lancaster, Southern, Eastern, Zanesville libraries as well as the College of
Osteopathic Medicine Learning Resource Center.
1 Includes 675,289 e-books. E-book collections include LexisNexis U.S. Serial Set (circa 320,000 titles), Eighteenth Century Collections
Online (circa 136,000 titles), U.S. government monographs available online (circa 100,000 titles), Early American Imprints (circa 37,000
titles), OhioLINK Electronic Book Center (circa 29,000 titles), NetLibrary (circa 15,000 titles), Safari Books Online (circa 9,600 titles)
ebrary (circa 8,800 titles), Alexander Street Press (circa 4,000 titles), Learning Express Library (circa 900 titles), and various individually
cataloged e-books.
1.b.i Large percentage decrease due to fewer items purchased (acquisitions funds decreased for 2009-2010), and also because 2008-2009
figures reflected an unusually high number of materials cataloged.
1.b.ii In 2009-2010, withdrawal of print journal volumes now held as digital backfiles continued, but not at as rapid a rate as in 2008-2009.
3 5,751 e-books reported in this line from the following sources: OECD, NBER, ebrary, Gale reference, Sage reference, Springer, Oxford
reference, Oxford scholarship, Safari tech, and ABC-CLIO. Gale ECCO2 collection of 48,215 e-books was also purchased in 2009-2010,
but has not been reported on this line due to low cost per volume.
16.d Expenditures include consortial memberships ($104,718) technical services ($127,037) document delivery ($9,118).
17 Contract binding budget reduction in 2009-2010 reflects overall reduction to acquisitions funds as well as greatly reduced need for
binding print serials.
26 Figure includes OCLC WorldCat Resource Sharing ($20,138) and dedicated fax ($142).
32 Decrease is partially due to stricter adherence to ARL guidelines for counting reference transactions.
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