148 · ARL Statistics 2009–2010
OHIO, cont.
35 Decrease due to shift to a lower lending category in OhioLINK’s patron-initiated borrowing system (i.e., an attempt is made to achieve
some parity between borrowing and lending levels for each member institution).
36 Decrease in ILL borrowing may be partly due to acquisition of large number of digital journal backfiles.
37 Doctoral count includes Ph.D., EDD, AUD, and DPT degrees.
38 Decrease due to university’s recent effort to remove inactive programs from official records.
41, 43 Reflects large increase in numbers of students enrolling at regional campuses and in online programs.
Library branches included: Architecture Biological Sciences/Pharmacy Cartoon Research Geology Health Sciences Fine Arts Food,
Agriculture and Environmental Sciences Law Music/Dance Science and Engineering Thompson (Main) Library University Archives
Veterinary Medicine.
Library branches NOT included: Agricultural Technical Institute Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center Regional
Campus Libraries at Lima, Mansfield, Marion, and Newark.
1 Includes 463,952 e-books such as: Humanities Ebooks (558), various Chadwick Healey collections (7,332), ebrary (10,4980), English Short
Title Catalog (183,002), Evans (37,369), US Serial Set (4,541), NetLibrary (15,227), Safari (11,381), Shaw-Shoemaker (38,092), SpringerLINK
(9,376), and locally digitized brittle books (7,097). WWW Theses (19,612) are included in this count.
1.a Volumes held June 30, 2009 revised to 6,051,466.
13 Audio, film, video are combined for Main and cannot be separated. Audio/video reported here include 4,045 web audio items and 1,984
web video items with records in the library catalog, in addition to 76,574 physical audio and video items.
18.a Includes faculty and administrative/professional staff salaries.
20 Includes $554,565, primarily for funds transferred to other departments, such as the CIO, for shared personnel expenses. The opening
of Thompson Library also increased our facilities expenses for part of 2009-2010. The second increase in expense (~$2 million) will be
reflected in 2010-2011 expenditures. These are not construction related but are for operating costs, such as custodial and utilities.
24.a Increase includes larger than average pre-payment to OhioNET bibliographic utility along with OhioLINK and CRL consortia member
fees, which were excluded from the total in the previous report.
39 Excludes clinical, research, and auxiliary faculty.
42 Includes professional students.
Data from the Law and Health Sciences Library are also included in the figures reported.
1.a Volumes held June 30, 2009 revised to 5,558,293. Increased by one-time purchase of LN US Serial Set. Corresponding decrease from
volumes added line 1.b.i.
1.b.ii Major de-selection project.
5-5.aii Change in collection development.
5.b-5.b.iii Change in electronic serials management vendor resulting in more information about the titles received but not purchased.
25 Large one-time purchases in prior year.
26 Line item reporting initiated.
Library branches included: Architecture, Curriculum Materials, Veterinary Medicine, OSU-Tulsa, OSU-Okmulgee, OSU-Oklahoma
Data from the Health Sciences Library are also included in the figures reported.
1.a Volumes held June 30, 2009 revised to 3,413,676. Includes 437,520 e-books added during 2009-2010 per instructions for question 1.b.
2 We are consistently using the following formula: titles held=volumes held/1.5.
3 This number is more in line with our consistent pattern of growth in monograph purchases than our last year’s number that was much
higher than normal.
5.a Drop due to cancellations by one branch library and better data from Serials Solutions that allows more accurate deduping of IEEE
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