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Library branches included: Stauffer (Humanities and Social Sciences), Douglas (Engineering/Science), WD Jordan (Special Collections/
Music), and the Education Library.
Data from the Law and Health Sciences Library are also included in the figures reported.
16-26 Expenditures as reported in Canadian dollars: (16a) $1,320,786 (16b) $7,604,790 (16c) $152,845 (16d) $601,033 (16) $9,679,454 (17) $68,360
(18a) $3,961,929 (18b) $3,995,928 (18c) $360,209 (18) $8,318,066 (20) $1,180,652 (21) $19,246,532 (22) $0 (23) $6,299,399 (24a) $0 (24b)
$513,953 (25) $294,833 (26) $0.
1 Includes 24,273 Texshare e-books, 37,211 government document e-books, and 7,027 purchased e-books.
1.b Includes 0 Texshare e-books. Not possible to give figure added for government document e-books or purchased e-books due to
inaccurate 2008-2009 snapshot.
5.b.ii Increase due to strengthened commitment to representing free serials in catalog and broadening government document profile.
10 Manuscripts and archives reported in cubic feet.
16.d Includes memberships ($231,536), ILL ($26,979), in-house binding supplies ($11,970) and bibliographic utilities ($173,017).
18 Includes 2.25 professionals and a. 5 FTE student on grant funding (rounded).
27 Please see the footnotes for questions 27.a-27.c for revisions to the FTE staff numbers for 2008-2009. While expenditures for these grant-
funded salaries were included in question 18.a-18.c., the added FTE staff were excluded from the figures for question 27.a-27.c (and
question 27 by extension) in error. These revisions correct this error.
27.a The figure for 2008-2009 is revised to 58 FTE staff.
27.b The figure for 2008-2009 is revised to 50 FTE staff.
27.c The figure for 2008-2009 is revised to 11 FTE staff.
Library branches included: Eastman School of Music Library.
Data from the Health Sciences Library are also included in the figures reported.
1.a Volumes held June 30, 2009 revised to 3,889,596. Includes 148,882 e-books added during the year.
1.b Weeding project completed during year.
4 Basis of volume count was physical for 2,363 volumes at the Eastman School of Music Library.
5.a.i Includes IEEE.
5.b.ii Includes 78 documents.
8 Large weeding project completed during year.
10 Eastman School of Music Library reported “NA/UA” for this figure.
30.a 115 based on sampling.
31.a 2,500 based on sampling.
Library branches included: Summary includes two law libraries, services to a non-Rutgers medical school and campuses in Camden,
Newark and New Brunswick.
1.a Volumes held June 30, 2009 revised to 4,571,335.
1.b, 1.b.i Includes 136,141 Eighteenth Century Collections Online (ECCO) and 16,131 Literature Online (LION) volumes added in 2009-2010.
5.a Large increase in serial titles currently purchased is due to the disaggregation of titles received as part of packages, and a one-year trial
of Academic Search.
11-14 Unable to disaggregate Audiovisual Materials. Total AV =154,745.
16.a Decrease due to budget reductions and loss of endowment income.
40, 42 Enrollment increased by more than 10%.
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