122 · ARL Statistics 2009–2010
BROWN, cont.
27.b Figure reflects the transfer of Media Services unit from the Library to another university department (Computing &Information
28 This reflects all regularly staffed library service points within library buildings. Not included in this count is a “Librarian in the Lobby”
informal service point located in one academic building and staffed during limited hours by one librarian.
30 2008-2009 figure should be corrected to 444 (538 originally reported in error).
32 Up thru 2007-2008, this figure included only Rockefeller and Sciences libraries reference statistics with reference and directional
transactions. In 2008-2009, the data collection methodology changed from sampling to direct counts of reference activity, including
service points at Rockefeller, Sciences, Hay, Orwig, and JCB libraries, as well as reference activities conducted by individual librarians
from their offices. Directional and cluster-related questions were excluded to conform with the ARL definition. The 2009-2010 figure
reflects a full year of statistics using LibStats to collect data at all libraries and at all service locations (i.e., service desks and librarian
41, 43 Increase is due to an increase in in part-time undergraduate and graduate students.
All figures are as of 03/31/2010.
Library branches included: The Main, Health Sciences Libraries, and Law Library are included in the ARL statistics.
1 This number includes 564,819 e-books.
1.a This number includes 470,722 e-books.
1.b The number of volumes includes 94,097 e-books.
1.b.ii This number reflects a significant increase in withdrawals in preparation for our move to a new library.
3 This number does not include e-books purchased.
5 The 2008-2009 number should have been 54,268 as better tracking of consortial titles resulted in a revision to that count.
5.a.ii The marked decrease in print serials purchased is due to large cancellations of print titles and titles are now being counted as electronic
if duplicated in print.
5.b The 2008-2009 number should have been 18,228 last year as better tracking of consortial titles resulted in a revision to that count.
5.b.i The 2008-2009 number last year should have been 12,435 as better local tracking for consortial titles resulted in a revision to that count.
5.b.iii The decrease in non-purchased print titles is due to the cancellation of titles duplicated in electronic products.
16-26 Expenditures as reported in Canadian dollars: (16a) $2,786,752 (16b) $8,136,160 (16c) $786,600 (16d) $1,085,188 (16) $12,794,700 (17)
$43,615 (18a) $6,339,501 (18b) $7,825,693 (18c) $521,144 (18) $14,686,338 (20) $1,094,838 (21) $28,619,491 (22) $824,266 (23) $7,405,925 (24a)
$390,225 (24b) $316,717 (25) $401,919 (26) $123,186.
16.a There were fewer e-book packages purchased and considerably fewer print monographs purchased in 2009-2010.
16.c There were significantly fewer electronic backfiles purchased in 2009-2010.
17 The amount of binding continues to decrease as the electronic world expands.
18 As budgets were frozen many support staff and temporary positions were not filled when they became vacant.
18.c Budgets were frozen so some projects were put on hold the result was fewer temporary positions.
24.a The 2009-2010 value reflects a marked increase in the purchase of metadata and shelf-ready processing of materials.
25 There were some additional hardware purchases made in preparation for our move to a new library.
27.b Budget cuts required that support staff vacancies were generally not filled.
27.c The number of temporary positions was reduced due to budget cuts in this area.
31 The use of on-line tutorials resulted in a significant increase in the number of participants.
Data from the Law Library and from Affiliated Libraries are included in the figures reported.
1.a Volumes held June 30, 2009 revised to 11,395,639.
5.a Drop in print serials due in part to print-only subscriptions becoming print plus electronic. These “print plus electronic” serials are now
counted as electronic. Drop also reflects a portion of our serials cancellation project.
5.b Counts include electronic government documents. We did not have counts for government documents in 2008-2009.
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