158 · ARL Statistics 2009–2010
25 Hardware purchases included blade server, NAS server, staff workstations, software maintenance (increased $50,000 over last year).
32 Decrease due to implementation of a new tracking system for reference transactions. System provides better categorization of reference
35 TUG partners sent fewer ILL requests, representing a decrease for University of Waterloo of at least 4,000 items.
All figures are as of 09/30/2010.
Library branches included: Includes the Reuther Archives of Labor and Urban Affairs, the Shiffman Medical Library, and the Neef
Law Library. The Medical and Law library statistics cannot be disaggregated from the main statistics because the Medical and Law
collections are an integral part of the Main Library.
1.b, 1.b.i Decreasing budgets reduced the amount of monographs purchased and as more journals move to electronic only format, fewer physical
serials are bound and added to the physical count.
1.b.ii Heavy weeding occurred throughout the year as inventory was identified as out-of-scope or duplicate resources in our monographs,
microforms and government documents collections.
3, 16.a There was a reduction in money spent on monographs due to inflation’s increasing impact on the serial budget.
16.b, 16.c ‘Serials’ and ‘Other Library Materials’ were combined last year this year the two expenditure lines have been separated.
16.d Subscription to an additional discovery support utility and increased inflation increased costs for this category.
22 One-time funds enabled purchases of backfiles and two JSTOR collections as well as an increase in the number of electronic books
purchased from previous years.
All figures are as of 04/30/2010.
Library branches included: C.B. “Bud” Johnston Library (Business), Education Library, John &Dotsa Bitove Family Law Library, Music
Library, Allyn &Betty Taylor Library (Medicine &Dentistry, Science, Engineering, and Health Sciences), The D.B. Weldon Library (Arts
&Humanities, Information &Media Studies, and Social Science).
1.b The apparent decrease in 2009-2010 relates more to an unusually high number of items purchased in 2008-2009. This anomaly is also
reflected in more items added to the collection in 2008-2009 than the currently reported year.
2 In 2008-2009 records were suppressed for a large gift and these have now been unsuppressed.
3 In 2008-2009 the number of monographs purchased was unusually high.
5-5.a.i We were not able in 2009-2010 to deduplicate electronic serial titles. Some titles in 2008-2009 were deduplicated.
11 The Department of Geography’s Serge A. Sauer Map Library transferred to Western Libraries in May 2009.
16-26 (16a) $2,047,023 (16b) $9,203,009 (16c) $697,983 (16d) $0 (16) $11,948,015 (17) $94,570 (18a) $4,934,521 (18b) $4,215,965 (18c) $346,378 (18)
$9,496,864 (20) $711,875 (21) $22,251,324 (22) $235,897 (23) $7,907,822 (24a) $215,239 (24b) $0 (25) $504,302 (26) $33,868.
Library branches included: Main (GLS) (General Library System): Archives, Art, Astronomy, Biology, Business, Chemistry, College,
Geography, Geology &Geophysics, Math, Memorial, Music, Physics, Primate, School of Library &Information Science (SLIS), Social
Science, Social Work, Special Collections, Steenbock (agric &life sci), and Wendt (eng). Non-GLS Libraries: Health (Ebling), Law, Map,
Education (Merit), Primate, and Wisconsin Historical Society (American history).
Library branches NOT included: American Indian Studies Program, Arboretum, Cooperative Children’s Book Center, Center for
Demography &Ecology, Chicano &Latino Studies, Journalism Reading Room, Max Kade German-American Institute, LGBT Campus
Center, Limnology Reading Room, Learning Support Services, Morgridge Center Library, Plant Pathology Library, Space Library, Trout
Lake Collection, University Communications Library, and the Wisconsin’s Water Library.
Data from the Health Sciences Library are also included in the figures reported.
5.b.iv This number has increased substantially from the reported figure in the prior year’s report of 848 to 10,498 this fiscal year as reported.
Note that of the 10,498 documents, 10,044 are GPO e-serials not previously counted. The previous figure was the number of titles for
print depository materials, deduplicated, in Voyager, but since that data is incomplete the new figure is the number of print depository
materials plus the number of GPO e-serials in Voyager currently being published.
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