52 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Our library has established an Open Educational Resources Interest Group with representation from
multiple campus units and some individual faculty. We are actively seeking opportunities to promote
awareness of OER on campus, including sponsorship of activities during OER Week, an online guide to
information about OER, and presentations at campus teaching events.
The faculty development center does teaching and learning work and instructional design. The campus
ITS center has a separate entity within it, ITS Teaching and Learning, which has liaisons within the
faculty development center paid by ITS. Instructional design services exist in colleges, schools, and the
library. The faculty governance body passed an open access resolution in 2015, which is in the process
of implementation. The campus libraries provide an institutional repository for university scholarly
products. The libraries partner on digital humanities and other digital projects, which result in robust
and freely available content that is used in courses.
The model we use to promote textbook affordability is not without gaps and imperfections, but over the
past five years it has allowed us to make some progress in promoting textbook affordability and creating
awareness about textbook costs. We now appear to be gaining momentum by increasing our campus
partners, involving students and faculty in a leadership capacity, and getting the support that will make
this an institutional priority. I would hope that other institutions thinking about similar initiatives
could learn from our experience and those of other adopters —and I would encourage those just getting
started to think about developing an institutional strategy that ensures the research library is not going
it alone on this—but creates the possibility for greater inclusiveness and partnerships. I think more
progress will occur more quickly this way. I know that some research libraries have created an OER
librarian position and that is a good strategy as well but may not be possible for everyone where salary
lines are restrictive.
This is an emerging opportunity for us. The grant program went into effect February 1, unexpectedly.
The librarian who will lead our efforts is on leave until April 1st. She will hit the ground running upon
her return and the questions from this survey will help us define our scope. So although we aren’t able
to provide significant information yet, we hope to be in a very different position one year from now.
We have developed several committees to work on templates for library materials that could also end
up going across disciplines and into the classroom. We have worked with SpringShare and Canvas to
create an LTI to bring Library Research Guides into the Canvas classroom seamlessly for faculty and
students. If we go with the SpringShare and their new LibWizard application, we may be able to create
OERs and add them directly to our Canvas instance like we currently do with LibGuides.
We have much that is going on, but the provost put together the task force that was described to pull it
together into more of a cohesive program.
While individual librarians may have had conversations with individual faculty about ACC/OER, the
library was not involved in the creation of the School of Public Health’s Open CourseWare system. All
your questions are about how the library has supported that initiative.
While we do not yet have an initiative, we have undertaken some activities: Open Educational
Resources (OER) provides a basic introduction that has been used by a number of other libraries as
a basis for their LibGuide on the topic. Library staff have done training on affordable course content
(though not using that phrase) and/or OERs at the annual Faculty Institute (technology in teaching
focused) on a regular basis. The bookstore participated in a national study on faculty attitudes about
digital course materials conducted by Casey Green of Campus Computing Project. The bookstore
and the library are beginning to explore ways to incorporate info more systematically about library-
provided digital versions of course materials (currently done on ad hoc basis). The library’s Coordinator
for Information Literacy is currently chairing the campus-wide bookstore Faculty Liaison Committee,
which is advising the bookstore on OER.
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