21 SPEC Kit 351: Affordable Course Content and Open Educational Resources
For the moment, the funding for staff continues and we are determining whether or not this is a service
that will continue (rather than as a special initiative). It is unclear whether we will continue to provide
faculty incentive funding in the future but we did just fund 22 more projects this month.
Funding for faculty incentives may continue for a short time.
It’s not an option to choose both, so I’m adding a comment here. The library will continue to serve as
the main funding source as long as it is needed, but we are actively soliciting support from the campus
senior administration to serve as the main funding source instead.
No specific plan but it is hoped that the provost and other academic units will begin to contribute to
support an expansion of this project into new areas.
Other plans in discussion—not far enough into that to specify what that may involve, but there is buy-in
on multiple levels for supporting OER/ACC.
There may be additional funds in the future.
Additional comments N=5
Funding continuation is not in place.
Future funding is likely contingent on evaluation of 2016–2017 funding &programs related to OER.
Not sure about the status of ongoing funding.
Unknown at this time.
Unknown at this time. The library is discussing the issue: what is our role in creating content versus
being a distributor of content.
11. Are there any incentives that encourage faculty to adopt, adapt, or create affordable course
content/open educational resources? N=42
Yes 31 74%
No 11 26%
If yes, please indicate the type of incentive. Check all that apply. N=31
Financial incentives (grants, stipends) 25 81%
Instructional design assistance 17 55%
Course release time 5 16%
Letter of commendation 5 16%
Other incentive 9 29%
Please briefly describe the other incentive. N=9
Currently we offer ad hoc grants for faculty-identified needs. These are on a case-by-case basis and
have covered funding student peer reviewers. We have also offered a great deal of graphic design
support and connect faculty to another unit for instructional design support when needed.
Currently, our award allows us to provide a small financial incentive of $200 to members of faculty who
review open textbooks in their fields of expertise.
Faculty are featured on a LibGuide about the initiative.
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